No idea what to name it

Will start with the gardening

I have started my own gardening business due to being offered a job has head gardener which consists of the maintenance of a huge pond 3 woodlands, loads of flowerbeds a lot of redesigning  at the moment i do 3 days sensational place a big old country farmhouse.

Garden no 2

I do one day a week  at a bungalow for a disabled man whose garden is not disabled freindly….who has chickens and ducks which  need a bit more of a safer environment lots of fencing and a total revamp and made maintenance  free..

Garden 3

This is a double bungalow holiday home which normally gives me 4 hrs and this needs a lot of autumn work 2 greenhouses to revamp for growing salads etc for guests and a fruit area at the back being put in….grass needs some love a lot of raking needed..

Then i have 7 lawns to keep in the growing season which  takes about 4 hrs which gives me my 5 days plus all the bits and piece might loose grass cutting  for a few months  but garden 2 wauld like me 2 days  yeah you can in the autumn

Been at it for a few months and all is going well am not after a million just a enough  does me

Chelsea still having  seizures. ..cbd oil which was legal didn’t work. ..meltdowns behaviour learning is getting more noticeable. Going to try the ketogenic diet got to be done through specialists will chelsea participate very doubtful still my little  princess

Well every month i go and see my dad…what can i say …heartbreaking. …never going to get home….dementia your  so cruel. dad is only going to get worst. …so trying to get mum to understand  everything what’s going to happen and understand  he aint coming home. ..and gets her scan results she has to go through her 3 lot of chemotherapy …

To put things into reality …i have many ways to deal with things …not a lot i can do for my dad or mum just be there fot them….do my gardening to give my family the best like  my parents gave me and they would back me all the  way….my garden is coming  along nicely. ..loads of pictures to post


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  1. DizzyD says:

    Hi Mick ,
    I would name it “A man who loves what he does “, you do everything that you enjoy and more .You always seem to be busy and you must be a great son and a wonderful Dad to Chelsea .
    Like you said ” your not after millions” just enough to keep your head above water , loved your comment regarding charging the neighbour only a fiver shows you do it for love and not money .
    I take my hat off to you only wish there were more people like you in the world

    Dave D

  2. gertie says:

    Does Chelsea like gardening Mick?

    I echo David’s comments, and wish you all , all the best :love: :rose:

  3. VegVamp says:

    Best of luck with the gardening business Mick. We can only do our best, and you do it with a heart and a half, you are an inspiration. :good:

  4. cilla says:

    Sounds perfect Mick. I thoroughly enjoyed my gardening career albeit a brief one. Wish I’d started when I was younger and fitter. Enjoy every moment and is wonderful therapy to help you through with Chelsea and your parent’s troubles. :good: :rose:

  5. So pleased for you, Mick – we all know on here that being out in the fresh air is the best remedy for all our woes ! Really hope Chelsea will be ok with the new diet.
    Anne’s Happy Gardener sounds good. Keep it simple – in fact, Simply Gardening might suit you as well :-)

  6. mick1970 says:

    Thank you….to be honest i should have done it years ago….its been on the drawing board for months but one person put the negative vibe on and i walked away on good terms. ..after a few months i got the call to meet the owner and he offered me the position again and I accepted without hesitation…its a dream place cilla. …he seen the honesty and passion david thats how i was brought up lifes not all about take ….karen no point in doing things if its half hearted its a chore then… hate chores …..chelsea enjoyed at one point. easily distracted now a days. ..maybe in a few years and things change she may be glad of a place she can escape. ..its all been thought about anne. …jane the diet is going to be a no in my opinion. …but she has proved me wrong before. thing i have learnt keep negative out …enjoy life. .you only get one go

  7. Allan says:

    Great attitude that Mick, Sounds as if you have the strength to overcome. :good:

  8. Beanstew says:

    I always thought from your previous posts, Mick – that you were a pretty great guy – and I read this blog, nodding my head like one of those dog toys. I am only sorry that so much is coming on your broad shoulders all at once, although I have complete faith in your ability to handle it all out of love for those affected. You are a Prince among men, Mick – and I’m proud to know you – and I wish you every success in your business.

    • mick1970 says:

      Hello shelia hope your on the mend. ….you’re words are to kind….not much i can do had few ups and downs over my life you seem to bounce back….i have to get on…i have a small amount of tolerance for the state of affairs in society. …keep myself to myself mind my own business… I will do well honest days work and you get the cash…don’t need any advertising …to many chancers out in the world…i have my circle who probably would tend to agree with your kind words. ..but a bigger majority of people who i have met over the years would say i was this and that miserable …..who me miserable ….more like your not my type of person i want to share my world with :lol:

  9. gertie says:

    Ooh Mick, that’s so the right take on it all … all the best, and please let us know how it goes … good luck and virtual hugs for Chelsea :good: :rose:

  10. Hello Mick, I’m delighted that your pastime is now your vocation. I can only take my hat off to you and wish you the very best of everything for a successful happy business. You have a huge amount on your plate & my hope is that life is kind to you and yours :rose:

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