I’m down sizing.

Hi gang, after much deliberation I have decided to downsize, no I’m not moving house but reluctantly giving up one of my plots. It wasn’t an easy decision but if a hobby becomes a chore then you don’t enjoy it as much. It’s not the digging that’s the problem it’s the continuous weeding of both plots that takes up the time.
I am going to sit down and put a plan together for the structure of the new plot. There are ten raised beds to move, a new compost area to build and my trusty tin shed ( which they have never broken into ) to move. There will be plenty to keep me busy over the Winter months. I will have to forgo the plum and apple tree but will continue to reap its harvest until the plot is relet.
The plot I shall be keeping gets full sun so I shall be installing yet another watering system from a 1500lt water storage unit. After the raised beds I shall dived the plot into quarters, this will give me my crop rotation.
If the work isn’t completed by April next year I don’t mind paying the rent until it’s done I suppose it will depend on wether someone would like the plot, I hope some one will take it over and look after it then all the hard work over the years won’t have been in vain.


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  1. Beanstew says:

    Reaching this decision all sounds completely rational to me, Dix. One secret of a successful life is the ability to be flexible -and (dare I say it?) – you’ve got it in spades. Given the scope of all your other interests, I’m pretty impressed that you were managing TWO allotment plots as well, I’d always assumed it was a single one. Will be interesting to hear how the transition progresses.

  2. gertie says:

    That’s a brave decision in a number of ways Dixon, but sounds like a good one too :good:
    After the initial setting up and sorting out, you will have perchance, more time to take the Bean Can exploring places anew with Jean [I hope I remembered her name correctly …. am rubbish with names :disappointed: ] and of course [good pun?] fishing :walt: :dance: :rose:

  3. Allan says:

    Morning all, Know how you feel Dix, I gave mine up ,Not out of choice but necessity , I couldn’t walk down the hill from the plot without having excruciating pain in my knees and back, I gave it to my friends daughter who went to town on it the first year ,But had a look at it now and there are weeds about three foot high over it all. I left a greenhouse, two sheds,3 water butts with all hose pipes and nine raised beds, I would have taken a lot of it away had I known, Like Sheila said, Let us know how you get on. ;-)

  4. dandlyon says:

    Dix as vice chair on our allotments I wish more people were like you and knew when its time to down size. As you rightly say if it becomes a chore the plot gets neglected, then the letting secretary has to get involved and things can get unpleasant. Its a tough decision and I do wonder when I will have to decide

  5. Well done on the decision, Dix :good:

  6. VegVamp says:

    A hard thing to do Dix, but as you say, when it becomes a chore it is time to do something. A wise decision :good:

  7. cilla says:

    Sounds like a wise decision dix. Two plots is an enormous amount of work as well as the garden.Good luck with your plans. :good:

  8. Jenn says:

    I think you are doing the right thing Dix, although I know it is a hard decision. I am doing the same thing so understand where you are coming from :good:

  9. Yewbarrow says:

    After all the care and attention you’ve put into that plot it should be snapped up quick what I would have given to follow someone like you on both the plots we have had

  10. roly says:

    well Dix you must do what you need to do how hard it mite be to do that but at least you have the sense to make that decision before it gets to much

    I’m sure I will need to make the same decision shortly the thing is I still think I can do what I could do 10 years ago if I hadn’t got the machinery to hand I would have packed some of the allotment when I retired I’m please your still keeping your hands on by down sizing good luck with the move :good:

  11. dixon says:

    I have made a small start all ready, I will inform the letting secretary shortly in the hope that someone will take it over. :-(

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