Gertie’s Garden … October 2016

Gertie’s Garden … October 2016


Golden yellow violas are still waiting in the garden sink for their Winter home …


… and also waiting to be planted out are Cyclamen.



Cyclamen always have decorative leaves but at this time of year many other flowers and shrubs have extra-colourful leaves too.

As Hydrangea flowers turn deep pink, so do their leaves.


Cranesbill/Geraniums no longer flower, but their leaves are stunning.



Varieties of Virginia Creepers at last reach their zenith …..


… along with Blueberry leaves and some Begonias.



Even the dying off branches of the little blue fir on the Blue Hill, attain a rather fetching tan colour!


This Fuchsia always has lovely leaves, and there are other Fuchsias still blooming and re-blooming, filling the little garden rooms with bright colours.






I love the way in which these fat, pink ones catch the light.




Pelargoniums and their cuttings flower on, and soon will have to go under cover during the Winter months, but not yet!





Campanula has a third flowering, albeit sparse, and that blue Lobelia basket just goes on and on. It’s coming up for its second Winter season.



I hope this mixture will prove as stout over-Winter.


The pale blue stars on the Blue Hill have been joined by blue Violas.



Tomatoes have to be finally gathered green next week, and the vines and the beans taken down and their roots dealt with accordingly.



The pathway still waits to be mended; the tree stump given its hair, and more young plants must be put into the nursery bed in the corner with Jane’s Foxgloves which are putting up a good fight against slugs!



Even fat little frog Gilbert, has not yet gone into hibernation.


Whilst I was away, something was pushed onto the middle of the stump squashing the Cyclamen. I have seen Foxy running through twice recently, and although deterred by my chilli pepper dust, that ginger tom is still about ggrr!! but it was probably a Squidge!


At the beginning of October Penstemons were still blooming and I took some cuttings.


A few late and largely twisty beans added to a couple of tasty meals.



Jobs to do …..

Check all the various cuttings and make them safe for cold weather to come.

Re-organise green shed and green bins, clearing the front entrance room.

Clear tomato and bean vines and stakes.

Dress and cover the raised bed to lie fallow for a short while till I think what to do with it next!

[Note to self, mug up on soil chemistry and the varying needs of plants and crops.]

Finish re-making the path near the composter.

Prune the berry and currant bushes … quick!

Buy and plant tulip and daffodil bulbs asap.


Anne … End of October 2016



  1. Contains mostly unmodified images from CANON SX280 HS

8 Responses

  1. Beanstew says:

    I’m most impressed Anne by the show you are still getting from your fuschia. It’s not something I’ve ever planted – but possibly I have misjudged the genus… Like you I’ve got a further flowering on a campanula, and flowers on a tibouchina which has produced a number of 4ft long new growths. Great photographs as always.

  2. gertie says:

    Thanks Sheila :rose: I am surprised at the continuation of the fuchsias … was expecting to be cutting them back by now but they are glorious.
    I bet your Acer is glorious too … saw so many of similar genus on our travels across France. The colours en route were gorgeous :dance:

  3. cilla says:

    It is all looking gorgeous Anne, those fuchsias are fab-u=lous :-) . I love all the colour, well done considering all your trips to France. :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    Thanks Cilla … it’s so not tidy, spacious, serene and beautiful like yours, but it’s full of unexpected colour even now … love it :lol: :rose:

  5. Amazing, Anne :good: and I noticed we have a clematis in flower again ;-)

  6. gertie says:

    I looked for the one in the Holly Tree that was blooming at the end of September Jane, but apart from browning leaves , the flowers had gone. what colour/sort have you blooming? :rose:

  7. Morning Anne :-) no idea of the name but it’s like the one called ‘Black Tea’ on this page I’ve just found
    Haven’t seen the site before but like the way they organise by colour:
    If it were actually Black Tea, apparently it would have a second flush Aug/Sept, so with this year being so odd, it mightn’t be surprising that it’s in flower :confused: !!

  8. gertie says:

    I like that plummy colour :good: Mine is more like President, tho’ smaller, and it climbed to about 15 feet into the tree :lol: :rose:

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