Gibraltar Point, 2 November

According to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust website, “Gibraltar Point is a dynamic stretch of unspoilt coastline running southwards from the edge of Skegness to the mouth of the Wash”. It’s actually 4 miles from the centre of Skeg. OH and I parked the Wiz about 3.5 miles away and it took us an hour to walk there. One of the first sites from just outside the Visitor Centre was the off-shore wind turbines. It was interesting for us to have a different view of them across the Old Saltmarsh.


Further to the right I noticed the breakwater.


There were lots of lagoons like this across the saltmarsh. In the very far distance is the Norfolk coast.


We heard lots of birds but didn’t see any for ages. When we did see some, we didn’t know what they were! This was the biggest flock.


We were making our way back and these two were flying in.


It’s not all birds but I’m not sure which critter dug this.


By this time, we’d had the best of the weather.


We’ll go back and try some different paths and go into a couple of the hides next time.


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  1. Hmmm, I think I scaled the photos too small!

  2. cilla says:

    But did you enjoy it? I loved the Norfolk saltmarshes with all that sky. Was the visitor centre any good?
    Your two birds look like cormorants but the flock could be anything. I find going into the hides is best because the birders can identify all the birds for you. I love your brooding sky.
    Are you exhausted and how did the foot stand up to all that walking?

  3. We loved it. When we arrived, we had cake and coffee and then went for a walk. The visitor centre is on stilts and people can easily access the roof for uninterrupted views. We wandered on some of the paths – it was sunny to start with but got quite cold. Lunch was very nice – OH had soup and a toastie and I had just a toastie. We found a footpath off the road to walk partly back to Skeg and will explore that more next time as there was a bit of a wood and also some of the hides were in that area.
    Legs are tired but feet managed perfectly. Probably 10 miles walked in total – not much fun walking from Skeg to the entrance though ;-)

  4. cilla says:

    My sort of day out. I am in awe of your 10 miles. I’ve had it after 5. Try and put your flock of birds pic onto a bigger size, we might be able to identify them.

  5. gertie says:

    This is lovely Jane … you both clearly had a good day :good: I agree that bigger photos would work next time … they look so inviting :good: :rose:

  6. Thanks, Anne :-) We’re having a rest today but will go again :lol:

  7. VegVamp says:

    Looks a lovely area Jane, not surprised you are having a rest today, 10 miles! Phew. ;-)

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