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  1. Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

    Hi Tony… have watched the first ten minutes, [ some of which looks familiar] and it’s very good. I shall watch more tomorrow … I’m too tired now :sleepy:
    but want to say that It’s lovely getting the sounds of birds and children as well as hearing your own voice explaining stuff…really enjoy these videos [ I mentioned them in one of my stories] Nightnight for now, and thank you :brb: tomorrow :rose:

  2. Profile photo of Beanstew Beanstew says:

    This is a great record of an impressive piece of work, Tony – and although I know that you produce a formidable amount of food throughout the year, every year – for me, the most oustanding feature is the quality of your structures, and the environment you have created in which to do this. It’s magnificent.

  3. Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

    God morning Tony :high-five: I watched some more this morning ….. I love it.
    It’s watching an artist at work :good:
    Your caulis and cabbage look and sound so crisp and clean. and I am continually amazed at the quality of your growing medium/soil.
    Thanks also for the reminders [ and I know you’ve said it before but with me, reminders are always useful, ] about Perkla and National Growmore. :good: :rose: I agree with Sheila about the structures too :rose:

  4. Profile photo of dandlyon dandlyon says:

    Thank you Shelia and Anne for your kind comments, now I know I can post long videos to youtube I will attempt a month by month record for 2017. More showing what I am doing than what I’ve already done [if that makes sense] :lol:

  5. Profile photo of gertie gertie says:

    It certainly does Tony. Will follow with interest, and I am pretty sure I won’t be a lone follower :good: :rose:
    AM off to read the end shortly :good: :high-five: :rose:

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