my guardian angel

there’s not much happening on the allotment at the moment except for me taking my horse manure to the allotments to store till its required

so as usual collect the trailer loaded with manure from my horse lady with my car then when we get home change the trailer from the car to the tractor as its far better with the tractor down the allotments field

and so far so good of I go trundling down the allotments with the tractor down the busy road turning of through the housing estate till I reach the allotment just as I’m about to enter the gate there was an almighty bang

and the trailer parted company with tractor can you imagine the look on my face when this happened I was of that tractor quicker than you could say Jack Robinson I found the  two bolts holding the trailer hitch had both snapped causing the trailer to fall of

I managed to get the trailer out the gateway safely and drove back home with the tractor to get hitch repaired and of cause my wife was wondering how I had returned home so quick without the trailer when

I explained what had happened she was not pleased thinking of what mite have happened on the busy main road or indeed seeing the trailer crash into those parked cars down the state it dare thinking about

so repairs carried out back to the allotment hitched the trailer back up unloaded the horse muck going back home  and swapping tractor to car taking the trailer back for my horse lady to load

sitting down by the fire that night I was reflecting on what had happened that day  should definitely not happened and boy o boy was I a lucky chap

so I’m pleased to say  purchase some strong bolts from our local agricultural dealer that will make sure we don’t  have anymore  untimely incidents

so all I can say is someone out there was liking after me that day maybe my guardian anggel






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  1. gertie says:

    You’ve had quite a shock Roly :shout: Glad you are okay and sorted…take care :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    Scary Roly, you were very lucky.

  3. Beanstew says:

    Quite often Roly, we are just a cat’s whisker from disaster – and this one could have been awful for you and others. I wonder what caused the metal fatigue that caused both bolts to shear ? But so glad that you managed to deal with the situation safely, and no one was hurt.

  4. dandlyon says:

    I believe some one looks out for us at certain times.
    I n the February before the Clickers Cardiff meet up I had a cardiac arrest, there were so many what ifs attached to the incident. I left the allotment early because it had started to rain, after that I remember nothing until I woke up in hospital 20 hours later. Some thing had made me call an Ambulance it was recorded on my mobile phone . There was a note written to my son telling him I was going to hospital. The rest of what happened was related later by my neighbour. She told me for some reason I was standing leaning on the doorpost with the door wide open although it was a cold afternoon, two ambulances arrived and as the first paramedic reached me my heart stopped and I was caught by the paramedic before falling to the ground.. It took 7 minutes to get my heart going again then I was rushed to our local hospital. Two days later the cardiologist, said their was no apparent reason why it happened, and theres no real indication to say its going to happen so he could not tell me what made me call for an ambulance or how my heart waited 15 mins before it stopped.. I have thought what if I had stayed longer on the allotment as we keep the gate locked, what if something had not prompted me to unlock my door., and why did my heart keep going ’till the paramedics reached me. My memory loss was due to the brain being with out oxygen for a time and slight memory loss is the only thing I suffered luckily.
    There was is a humorous anecdote to the story, To calm me down I had to be given a double does of tranquilisers and when I did start to wake up I could see two nurses and a man in a black suit with a book under his arm.. I thought this is it I’m a goner they’ve sent for the vicar .When later I was fully awake the nurse and the lady who serves the meals were asking me if I was hungry, while eating the nurse remarked I looked worried when I first opened my eyes on the morning, so I told her what had passed through my mind.. She laughed until tears where in her eyes , the guy in black was the charge nurse who had monitored me through the night and looked in as he went off duty .All the nurses thought this was funny and it spread round the coronary unit, the charge nurse said in his time he had been called a few things but never a vicar :lol:

  5. gertie says:

    Crumbs Tony :cool: That’s a story … the sort I like with a happy ending :good: Take care of yourself :rose:

  6. roly says:

    my incident seems trivial compared to what happened to you Tony thank god your back home enjoying life to the full doing what you do best telling us garden apprentices how to get the best out of our gardens :good:

    as for the vicar perhaps you could invite him round for a cup of tea sometime :lol: :lol:

  7. roly says:

    not forgetting thanks girls for your kind replies :rose: :rose:

  8. Walt says:

    Something which I shall always remember:
    I was returning to South Wales after delivering some goods to a friend in Edinburgh, way back in 1959. I had made the journey several times without a problem. This time it was in February and the roads were like skating rinks. I was heading towards Hawick after leaving Galashiels and it was very slippery indeed. It was a two-lane road, on my left was a very deep ravine, no wall, no fence. Around the corner, 100 yards away, comes an articulated lorry.The trailer swings out across the road and I think, ‘my number’s up’, I’ll go for his nearside and take a chance.
    Luckily for me the driver kept the power on and corrected it with perhaps 20 yards to spare.
    They were ‘Gentlemen of the road’ back then.

  9. gertie says:

    Crikey Walt!! :shout: That’s scary :-( :confused: Glad the ‘Gentleman of the road’ drove well :rose:

  10. roly says:

    i like the bit about they where gentlemen of the road then I assume you where referring to the H G V driver sadly that’s very true in todays world

    I had 40 years of HGV driving and I don’t miss a day since I retied spent many an hour behind the wheel driving to Scotland and enjoyed every minuet of it even in the winter months :-)

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