something old something new

this idea came into my head and I thought I’m going to run  this idea past  all our friends on gardenclickers to see what there thoughts where on this matter

as it not quite time for us to get exited about starting on the plot how  about we reflect back  on the  past stories that may make interesting reading could be  your days of growing up perhaps you have a story of when you went down the allotments with your Dad or indeed any other stories don’t necessarily have to be a garden tail could be farming could be when you moved house perhaps out of town to the country whatever you think mite be worth a good read

anything that can write about to put a bit of hummer in G/C for all to read and enjoy

what do you think?



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  1. dandlyon says:

    I can see humour in most things and at times my imagination leads me to think what could happen next , rather like watching Laurel and Hardy, you could see what’s going to happen before it happens. By then I go into fits of laughter that are hard to stop. . Its always on my mind when I attend a funeral, I just hope nothing remotely funny happens. My wife’s funeral was held at the church we had attended together for many years, there’s no church yard so the burial was at the local parish church in a family grave. With the bearers I walked into our church for the service, deep in thought over the life we had shared together and I raised my eyes to look at our minister and what a shock. Part of his head was shaved and bandaged, he had a black eye and one arm in plaster. My mind went into over drive, I thought he looks more like an hells angel than a vicar. How I kept my self from laughing I will never know, and as we stood together after the service waiting for the hearse to take the coffin for burial I asked him “Peter what’s happened ? and in that lovely welsh voice he said “it’s like this see, I could not get all the hedge clippings in the wheelie bin so I stood on the steps and climbed in the bin to tread the stuff down” Before he finished explaining I was in tears of laughter I knew just what was coming. The bin tipped up he went base over apex , black eye, cracked head and a broken arm followed. My wife had a great sense of humour [she was married to me for 49 years] and it may have been my imagination but I thought I heard a little chuckle in the coffin. Our married life ended as it began with a laugh , we honey mooned in London and on our first night of marriage we were stranded with a few hundred more passengers on the under ground due to a power cut, that gave us a few laughs over the years

  2. cilla says:

    :lol: Lovely story Tony. I often find funerals lead to quite hysterical laughter, I think it is due to all that tension.

  3. gertie says:

    Oh Tony …. thank you for that story :love: … it will live with me for many years to come. I have always had a dread of funerals, but your story puts things into perspective. :love: :rose: .

  4. VegVamp says:

    What a joyous way to remember your wife Tony, in laughter and love, I bet she WAS looking down and chuckling with you. :-) :love:

  5. roly says:

    although a sad day for you and your family Tony i have to say i had a good laugh at your reply it couldn’t have be written better because i to did practically the same my wife told me not to push anymore in the bin did I take any notice I went a fetched a ladder climbed on bin after a couple of jumping ups over went the bin with me in it

    although i was lucky not to injure myself only my pride i picked myself up my wife went mad because i had split the bin and it was a new bin i had serves you rite more times than i can remember and every time we fill the bin now she says don’t get on the bin

    that makes nice reading Tony hopefully we can get some more replies to read and have a good laugh :good:

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