mad cow

I was telling my farmer friends Pete and John about my trailer incident and they told me about a serious incident that happened to them the day after

Pete told me he went to look at his cattle in the morning a discovered one had a bad eye he went back to the farm to get his brother and the cattle trailer in case they needed to move it back to the farm

as the fields the cows where in was near the village and had a public footpath running through the field they needed to get back pretty quickly when they got back things had turned for the worse the cow was running around obviously in much pain

so they needed to get the cow in the cattle pen to load up or see if they could sort the problem out with they eye  they managed to get the cow in the pen but the cow jumped over the cattle pen now deeply distressed with pain

the boys where getting very concerned that the cow would jump the gate and cause untold damage to both life and limb as there was also the junior school nearby

they where contemplating calling the police to shoot the cow before it reached the village the cow ran full pelt into a high hedge that stopped it going out the fields

and as they said because the cow was in a daze they where able to get it into the cattle trailer

they set the cattle crush up so when the cow ran out of the trailer it would go into the crush so they could treat the eye although the crush was securely fixed to a tractor the cow in all its strength lifted the crush of the ground but the tractor held it

when the cow calmed down a bit Pete managed to see the cause of the problem it was a sharp object like a thorn or a thistle stuck in the middle of the eyeball Pete managed to pull the object out of the cows eye and put something in the eye to relief the pain

I’m glad to say after a short time the cow seemed much better and they where able to release it  back in another field near the farm to see if the eye was getting better

pleased to say the cows eye has healed up  and its back in the field with its mates as though nothing had happened




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  1. gertie says:

    Poor Cow : it must have been in agony! :shout: What a story Roly … you do know how to tell ’em :good: :rose:

  2. karenp says:

    Ah the poor animal it must have been in so much pain, so glad it turned out ok :good:

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