Chivalry Is Not Dead

Chivalry Is Not Dead


I popped out this morning to collect some cases of wine for my son, and the gents in the shop carried them to my car, parked over the road, because three times I’d been pipped to the post with a parking spot [and you can guess that by then, I was steaming … adding to the fog outside!]

As I got back from shopping still this morning, a car in front was just about to take “MY” parking space outside the gate. I dived in behind him and when he opened his window, I shouted “Could I please park behind you as I live here?” He gracefully shot off and disappeared, leaving me to inexpertly park the all-singing-all-dancing by the gate, [with the attendance of yet another kind passerby] thus making my unloading easier.

The other day a young lady offered me a seat on the train, which I graciously declined, but later, two young gents did the same, by which time I was only too glad to give up, smile thankfully, and give in to being old!

All around, despite littered pavements, uncollected rubbish, and half-empty beer cans ETC tucked into my garden hedge … GGGRRR!!!   Not to start on the horrors and sadnesses reported from around the World on TV and Radio! I will not complain about my ‘lot’. This World is full of kindness as well, and I am touched and gladdened by it.

Look at the things that ‘our’ MickyP does for less abled people and local children on his allotment. …

It makes your heart sing to know of such a bloke …Bostin!

Anne 17.12.2017.


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  1. AliCat says:

    When I lived in Birmingham it was exactly the same Anne.. City life is fast paced and people follow the pace in many ways, but thankfully there are many good people too as you so rightly point out and without these folks it would be just a concrete jungle ;-)

  2. Beanstew says:

    I suppose these displays of chivalry are one of the main reasons why I feel more at home in rural environments – complete strangers are more likely to stop and ask, “Do you want a hand?” But I’ve been pleased to find the same attitude in the town where my daughter is renovationg a house – and I know she will be alright there.

  3. gertie says:

    I make a habit of looking people in the eye and smiling or saying good morning or nodding a silent greeting when I’m out walking around CP which works, but on trains and buses peops are usually bundled up tight inside themselves and don’t respond. I , for the reason that I don’t usually want them to see me and feel beholding, don’t look at them if I’m standing up. For me, it has much to do with a need to go on feeling strong enough and young enough to be independent and not wanting to appear old and needy … vanity I suppose. Out in the streets, it’s nice to be friendly, whatever. Offers of help can be kind whatever the ages of those involved, I have been known to help a young woman with a pram or whatever, but there’s a fine line between offering to help and interfering or offending and that’s a tricky one too. :lol: I was just overwhelmed with gratitude the other day, when I had felt thwarted literally at every turn, trying to find a good parking spot, :-) :rose: and then the contrast of kindnesses that followed prompted me to write this.! :rose:

  4. Yewbarrow says:

    It gladdens the heart Anne, there are still people out there who add a touch of sunshine to a persons day and longmay it continue

  5. gertie says:

    I am willing to bet that you and Sheila are doing that this very morning Jenny :good: HAGD :rose:

  6. shedsue says:

    They will always be nice people Anne…but sometimes, they are a bit harder to find ;-)

  7. gertie says:

    When we need to be sure Sue, we can pop into GC and have a quick natter too :good: :rose: :fairysaysouch: :kissme: :haveyoubeengood?: :rose:

  8. Beanstew says:

    Watched this Walt – and felt the older person doesn’t stand a chance in USA – they don’t seem to have any stop lights on pedestrian crossings – so good job that chivalry is still alive and kicking even in the land that elected Trump.

  9. karenp says:

    So good to come across such thoughtful people especially in today’s hectic lifestyle most seem to live in, I find even when driving around it really makes my day when another driver not just gives a wave as a thank you but smiles too as I always do as I find the response so rewarding :lol:

  10. cilla says:

    OH and I often have a laugh when out walking. We say Good Morning to anyone walking along and the responses are many and varied………some answer with a smile, some mutter into their jackets, some ignore us completely and some look terrified as if we are mad axe murderers :lol:

  11. gertie says:

    As my Mum said, I repeat :lol: “There’s no accounting for folks” Cilla. It could become a game, but as Karen said, it’s heartening when folks do simply respond with a smile. :-) :rose:

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