Ferry Meadows Nature Reserve.

It took just over an hour to reach Ferry Meadows in the Nene Valley, next to Peterborough, this morning. We collected a map from the pleasant staff in the visitor centre and went to the cafe to fortify ourselves with tea and toast!

In beautiful sunshine and blue skies we set off to see what wildlife we could spot. Cormorants were adorning the trees over the lake.


These crows are obviously used to humans and probably hoping for some titbits as they never moved when we passed.


Next we saw the Badger Play Area.

img_0552 img_0553

As we turned the corner to look for the bird hides we had a feeling of being watched……………img_0555

And so we were…….by a wise old gentleman!


As we walked along the path we suddenly spotted the kingfisher flying along the river and over our heads to the other side………..yeah! Too fast to capture though.


We went into the Teal hide and saw these Widgeon sleeping peacefully………….and then OH spotted the kingfisher on the other side of the mere and he took some photographs of it. I was livid because I couldn’t see it and by the time I did spot it. it flew off…..not a happy bunny!


We left the hide with OH gloating….grrr! But then………..I spotted a Red Kite overhead but try as we might neither of us could capture a photo of it. Lovely to see though. Previously to this we also saw a green woodpecker. We left the bird hide area, crossed a bridge and walked alongside one of the lakes with meadows on the other side. We could hear the traffic but looking at the scenery it was difficult to believe it was so close to Peterborough.

img_0562 img_0563 img_0564 img_0565

We could imagine that field would be ideal owl territory. I spotted a bird flying into a tree and it looks like a buzzard.


We were getting a bit peckish so followed the footpath and the map towards the Lakeside restaurant.

img_0571 img_0572 img_0574

This bird perched for a photograph but I haven’t decided what it is as yet……any ideas?

img_0576 img_0577

We could see the restaurant over the water and made our way post haste, passing this cormorant flapping its wings to dry them in the sun.

img_0578 img_0581

These geese were sitting hopefully by an empty picnic table…….but nobody came.


Spot the “swans on steroids” through the trees!!!


Phew, the restaurant at last, all looking very festive. We had gammon, eggs and chips with ginger beer! The area outside was occupied by the odd dog walker.

img_0584 img_0585 img_0587

We had done 4 miles by then but restored by our lunch we decided to go through the bluebell woods before we went home. On the way we spotted the washing line strung between silver birches and obviously being used by Santa and Mrs Claus!!!

img_0589 img_0590

As we turned into the wood we saw this shepherd and his sheep…….someone has a great talent to carve  this.


Sorry folks, I put the wrong photo on!


When we came out of the wood we went back to the bird hides…..just in case the kingfisher was still about! It wasn’t but this heron flew in.


The sun was going down as we came to the end of our lovely walk and this crow was hammering a mussel shell and dropping it on the path.

img_0601 img_0602

This goose popped out of the water to say goodbye to us. We went into the visitor centre shop for a look round before returning to the car to change out of boots that were just beginning to pinch a little. Not surprising as we had walked nearly 8 miles but what a great day it was and so lucky with the weather.

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  1. Allan says:

    Great set of photos Cill,That owl in the oak is stunning, :good:

  2. gertie says:

    I thought a bunting of some kind, then I looked closer and found a red breasted flycatcher. Wadduyouthink?
    Great bird blog Cilla…I was breathing the fresh air with you all the way :good: and those wood carvings are magic :rose:

  3. Allan says:

    Hen reed bunting at a guess ,Its heavy in the moult.

  4. AliCat says:

    Lovely blog Cilla, I was quite captivated by the badger play area and all the carvings, I really wish I had talent for that kind of thing but sadly my hands and brain don’t agree. Some great wildlife there too :good:

  5. What a fabulous day out, Cilla and you’ve got some lovely photos :good: Looks a fun place to visit :rose:

  6. cilla says:

    We were really impressed Jane, so close to the city as well. I’m still sulking I didn’t snap the kingfisher :lol:

  7. Allan says:

    The kingfisher is the hardest bird to photograph Cill, All the years I have been fishing, I must have seen them hundreds of times and still haven’t been able to get a snap. Unless you are in a hide it is virtually impossible ,I have even had one land on my rod while I was sat back in my seat, But no camera at the ready. :-( :rose:

    • cilla says:

      I took some photos at Rutland bird reserve a couple of years ago from a hide. Our friend took some cracking photos at Ferry Meadow but they are on an email so I can’t post them on here I don’t think.

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