Gertie’s Garden December 2016

Gertie’s Garden December 2016


On/off warmth and cold have brought blackbirds, as well as titmice flocking to the Holly tree to eat the berries; but as yet, no Field Fares.


Freckles is, by mid month, in full swing; fuchsias have started their Winter decline … must prune them soon; they’re getting messy and there are viable shoots on many leggy stems, from which to take cuttings.*



There was a bumble bee on the Cyclamen on the morning of the tenth, too fast to capture on film. It was a damp, mild day.


When the morning sky is clear the sun rises gloriously, and we have beautiful Dawns and Sunsets over the garden. Yet, many mornings have a dull, orange cloud covering and we walk through an invisible mist that clings damply to the hair and pavements.


Hydrangeas are fast failing, ready to prune back, but the Blackbirds now join the various Titmice and Robin in the Holly and Cotoneaster trees, to enjoy a feast of berries.



The birds are hard to spot with the eyes, but they can be heard happily twittering, peeping, squawking and tic-ticking up in the branches. Overhead, though so far not landing as far as I know, the ring-necked parakeets, [ which have put their feet down across the road in my friends’ garden, ] merrily screech and squeak. They may land soon, as I keep loading the bird feeders. I was pleased to note that blackbirds like the meal worms ,as well as Robin. I had been putting them on top of some hanging baskets where I have seen Robin land, but I saw a Black bird there as well today, [the 10th. ]

It’s scruffy out there now, with fallen leaves and helicopters from the towering Sycamore at the back, but I don’t mind. I shall let the garden sleep, gradually stock it with bulbs [ have planted all the recently bought tulips ] sweep and bag the fallen leaves, free bounty for compost, and at a leisurely pace,[ fun, not a chore ] take cuttings as I prune the fuchsias and other shrubs. It’s a pleasure sitting on the cleaned bench in the Inglenook, looking out onto the garden rooms … to the right …..



… to the left …





There is Autumn colour around with the greens; still lots to do; I won’t be bored.

The little rose is still blooming on the Blue Hill ….. it’s a flower that I first noticed on 24th November and it’s exactly the same bloom: that’s over two weeks!


… Stumpy still waits for his hair! ….. 10th Dec.


The holly tree continues to feed the birds.


We’ve had some beautiful moonrises as well as sunrises …. also sunsets.




It’s now December 16th, and cold and grey out there today. I swept the pavement outside and collected more leaves on GG’s paths, fed the birds and talked to Robin who was singing sweetly in the Holly tree.



In the garden Freckles is blooming … blooming marvellous. A tiny Viola braves slugs on the Blue Hill and the exact same little Rose goes on flowering.





I am thinking of this December as the month when the garden started to rest, albeit it took its time, and Freckles, my favourite Clematis, has taken over the corner of Dom’s shed, flowering profusely, and so prettily. What a wonderful flower for December and Christmas!

Birds are always somewhere in the garden, usually in the Holly tree, eating the berries; and the tweets and whistles from a variety of titmice, clucks from indignant blackbirds, and overhead squeaks from Ring-necked Parakeets, are mere noises, far outweighed by the beautiful song of the Robin.

December isn’t over yet. Today has been foggy, all day, as can be seen from this view over the back from the bedroom window.


Over it all, when the clouds have parted, a fabulous moon has waxed and waned.


Today, the Sunday before Christmas Day, I noticed more blossom on some Kerria.


Even at dusk on Monday afternoon, it is shining!.


The little Freckles bells hang in pairs, rocking gently in the cold air …



That tiny rose lingers ….. reluctant to leave the Blue hill to those few blossoms that are left.



December cold and dark is taking over in Gertie’s Garden. ….. 19.12.2016

Not this morning though [ 20.12.2016 ] Underneath half a moon shines Kerria.



And next to Kerria, Privet berries hang like Pigeon-sized bunches of grapes!



Dotted about, are leaves, berries and flowers to go on enjoying.


Anne ….. December 2016


…and Stumpy is still waiting for his hair! …..



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  1. Amazing, Anne :-) My kerria has only just lost its leaves – don’t expect any flowers until next year – on the other hand… :lol:

  2. gertie says:

    Haha … they come back to surprise at the oddest of moments Jane :good: :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    You still have all those blooms Anne and loads of holly berrie. as well as others. I love your bird photos. Freckles is delightful, I might have to look at a winter clem. Do you have to cut it down after flowering? I don’t touch my hydrangeas until frost danger is past as the flowers protect the emerging buds. It is still all looking great. :good:

  4. gertie says:

    In view of your comment Jane/Cilla, I may fleece-protect the hydrangea as I guiltily lopped off the dead tops just this morning. :-( I don’t often get frost in the garden, but there is always that chance and I wouldn’t want to lose the plant. Freckles I tend to leave to sort itself out, just top-dressing and feeding the roots before putting a warming protective mulch of hay or bark chippings over the surface. Must say it had taken me by surprise this year, I hadn’t been expecting it quite now :confused: :dunno:
    As for the birds, well they are delightful :-) When I returned from the sunny walk yesterday and came through the front gate, a Wren flew away into the garden from the sink, and joined Robin, and other small birds flying away from the food on Blue hill. :walt: :dance:
    Thank you :rose:

  5. So many lovely blooms in December,not sure your garden has gone into its winter slumber, still lots of colour :good:

  6. gertie says:

    :lol: It’s true Lynn. I noticed only yesterday that there were still Freckles flowers, Kerria, Geraniums in baskets and that self-same Rose still blooming. They are sparse now though.. :rose:

  7. dixon says:

    Still looking good at this time of year gertie, not a lot of colour in mine now apart from my winter baskets. :rose:

    • gertie says:

      Winter Baskets is something I haven’t attempted yet Dixon. Yours are lovely; I remember thinking that I should try that when I last looked at them. :good: G’sG looks quiet and tucked up , if not a bit weird and as usual, a bit untidy, but I have hopes for Spring :lol:

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