Winter Jobs on the New Plot


These are the sheep that live in the field next to our allotment site.  It is a bit like Hitchcock’s The Birds  as they start following you as you walk along the path.  Some of the people in the bungalow’s whose gardens back onto the path feed them their veg scraps so the woolies think you have a nice bit of cabbage or lettuce for them.

As you can see there is a bit of blue sky in the picture so I headed over the lottie to move a couple of fruit bushes from the old plot to the new.  I had also found 2 redcurrant bushes in the garden that I had bought at the garden centre a while ago and never planted so the plan was to make a hedge along the back of the new plot.  There was also  a Red Falstaff apple tree that I dug out the garden.  I suppose in hindsight I should not have put the basketball net next to it and the 3 limbs it had bashed off should be left as a monument to my culpability but it looked ugly so had to come out.  I couldn’t bin or compost the poor thing though so I potted it up and it is now on the new plot.  So, the 2 redcurrants that used to be in my old garden when I had my raised beds in the garden and then got moved to my new allotment have now moved again to the new, smaller plot.  The 2 redcurrants from the garden centre were planted and I now have a redcurrant hedge.  I am anticipating summer puddings and gin and redcurrant cordial fizzes.  I shall put a few pictures on but it is hard to see much of any note – brown twiggy sticks in brown muddy earth – not the most inspiring of illustrations but I hope to show you them in leaf and laden with red fruity jewels in a few months.




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  1. VegVamp says:

    Holy Moly, is this your plot Jenn? :confused: Tis HUGE! :silly:

  2. gertie says:

    It’s a lovely, fresh spot Jenn … am most impressed :-) :good: Bravo :rose:

  3. Its looking good Jenn, you’ve made a great start. so good to have workable soil at this time of the year. :good: :rose:

  4. roly says:

    the summer puddings and gin sounds good Jenn :lol: we where introduced to a rhubarb cordial mixed with gin tasted quite good had to go a little easy on the gin though but it was very refreshing sitting in the garden with a glass or two watching the world go by

    we to have some sheep across the road from our house that make a lovely winter picture especially when the person with the bag of food appears and they all flock round him eager to be the first one tasting the goodies I understand its not to long before we see little sheep [lambs] skipping and jumping across the field then I know spring is on its way

    as for the allotments its definitely a no no much to wet and sticky I’m just stacking manure till hopefully we have a dry spring to start and do something

  5. shedsue says:

    Looks great Jen, and its bliss having wonderful soil…Good luck with the new plottie :good:

  6. karenp says:

    Looks good and how lovely to have those very friendly sheep nearby :good: :-)

  7. Brilliant, Jenn, and it’s lovely to have fresh fruit to look forward to grown on your own little plot :good: :rose:

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