Gertie’s Garden January 2017

Gertie’s Garden January 2017


As the television brought a display of flowery fireworks into our living rooms, the year began with promise of more to come in Gertie’s Garden …


On January first there were still Pelargoniums and Geraniums flowering …..


I was surprised at the amount of colour dotted about having had a conviction that the coming Winter would be cold and not conducive to tender flowers! Amongst the ugly-looking wrapped baskets were some still happily producing bright flowers.


Even the Fuchsias kept on blooming and I had postponed cutting them back as it seemed a shame to lop off the flowers at this stage.



Elephants’ Ears [Bergenia ] had started flowering too, and Freckles was hanging daintily on and on …..



Outside the garden, facing the re-flowering Kerria shrub, a green van was parked, carrying a little teddy bear ….. who went on clinging through rain and frost. CPTeds gave him some Rosemary and a scarf to cheer and warm him. [01.01.2017 ]


The days grew colder; Dawns and Dusks glowed with soft muted palettes. [04.01.2017 ]


In the Holly Tree, Starling and Redwing joined the local Blackbirds, Robins, and Titmice to eat the juicy, red berries, and bask in the low morning sunshine.



The little rose flowered on. [05.01.2017 ]


By January 22nd, though, the garden had frost bite. The ground was rock hard, and sprinkled with frosty white sparkles. Morning sunlight took a long time to unfreeze what it touched and in the open areas frost lingered all day.


Tiny Pond had a thin iced cover which I broke to free water for the birds and plants .






Freckles hung frozen in the morning light and Cyclamen brazened it out in the frosty cold whilst the potted primroses waited sadly in the shelter of the sink for the ground to soften so that they could, at last, be planted out in the garden!




The nicest thing was the sun light shining through the evergreen leaves of the Honeysuckle making even scruffy areas look pretty… oh, and I saw a bee flying about! [22.01.2017 ]


Welcome signs are shoots of new Helleborus coming through with fat buds:


… a frozen disc of ice lies like a moon in another Universe on the leafy ground next to Bluebell shoots!


… and Freckles pretended to be a butterfly! {23.01.2017 ]


24.01.2017 … [Happy Birthday Walt xx]

Today was sunny and almost warm outside, and the garden soil is soft enough to dig again already!.

25th January … Burns Night.

Foggy and cold all day today, with wet droplets in the air. Put out more cleaned and refilled feeders for the birds, as all the holly berries have now been eaten. Friend brought back a big supply of meal worms too, so the Blackbirds and Robins will be well pleased.


Wednesday was another cold day, but without frost. I fear for the new shoots brought out by warmer weather in December …


There’s a red rose braving the cold, amongst other buds too ….

Daffodils were peeping through the soil by the house wall, with the Spanish Bluebells, and Robin sat in the Holly Tree waiting for a clear dash for his meal worms!



… and over on the roof-top of a house across the road, a Corvid was tackling a feast of a pizza, with an envious other strutting around nearby.





By the weekend, sun was reappearing in the untidy, sleeping garden to reveal scented Winter Jasmine still in flower and Camellia buds fattening ready to bloom soon. Fed the birds and swept the paths … much brighter and warmer this morning. [28.01’2017]



Anne ….. 28.01.2017

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  1. cilla says:

    Your garden has many treasures in it Anne and the photos are beautiful as ever. I’m almost certain that is two crows, the beaks are too big for a jackdaw and I can’t see a hood. I just love that Freckles clematis and all those other flowers, it must be a few degrees warmer down there. I was convinced it would be a hard winter too…………..I hope those aren’t famous last words :lol: :-(

  2. gertie says:

    Well I echo them Cilla … there is still time :lol:
    Thank you for your kind comments. When I see this little garden getting so winter-worn, I do get a bit sad, but there are promises to find if I look hard enough and lots to do when I can brave the cold! We have just had a hail storm so am glad I did the bird watch already today :shout: :rose:

  3. Ambersparkle says:

    Beautiful Pictures Anne, love to see your Garden for real. Am going to start my Garden Diary for this Year, though not being steady on my Feet, too soon for me to venture outside.

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Tina :-) It was so pretty in January, contrasted to this week in the cold; but the hellebores are blooming now, and there are pink, dark red and a white one too :walt: :dance: From your past descriptions I feel that I have wandered around your garden already … I will be interested to see how you cope without a green house. I keep thinking I’ll have one, but there really isn’t enough space so I use the Glassroom which, when Dom’s tools aren’t scattered around as they are at present, is a great space to prepare for Spring :good: :rose: :-) :rose:

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