GC meet up at Gardeners’ World Live!


I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but seeing ‘Gardeners’ World Live’ advertised recently it occurred to

me that it could present  the perfect opportunity for another clicker meet-up. :-)

It’s being held at the NEC Birmingham so a good central location for us to travel to and at a time of year when we can hope for some sunshine.

Gardeners’ World Live

My aim is to go on the first day, 15th June, and would love to have some clicker company.

Any takers? Hope so! :rose:


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  1. gertie says:

    What a good idea Hayley :good: Will note date down :good: :rose:

  2. VegVamp says:

    A second Clicker’s meet up, YEA, count me in lovely H. Good job girl. :good: :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    I couldn’t NOT meet up with you guys again :good: :-)

  4. dandlyon says:

    See you all there, will find out if Micks doing any talks it would be nice to get him back on board :good:

  5. Hayley says:

    Hey fabulous!
    Well, we need to exclude Cilla I think :lol: :-) ;-) :love:
    Great idea to see if Mick’s on board Tony :good:

  6. Beanstew says:

    Standing here like a 5 year old, waving my arms and jumping up and down, “Yes Miss, please Miss – count me in”. I’d love to meet as many as can manage in person again – and bugga the Gardeners’ World Live, as long as we have somewhere to sit/stand and chat…..

  7. cilla says:

    Yeah, that’s made my day Bean :-) :walt: :rose: :notacloudinsight:

  8. dandlyon says:

    Spent an hour with Mick P this afternoon he’s at the event every day and looking forward to meeting up with clickers again .Its quite a walk from station into exhibition halls, but all under cover and several short stretches of moving pavement

    • Hayley says:

      Great news Tony! I’m sure Micky is traveling all over the place with his composting advice :good: I’m sure there will be others heading to the event from the station so perhaps we can arrange a pre-meet!

  9. cilla says:

    That will be fun then Tony. I’ve never seen moving pavement….like an escalator on the flat?

  10. Walt says:

    I shall do my best to be there :good:

  11. dandlyon says:

    My friend Joan said this morning she would come with me to meet the clickers I’ve told her so much about :good:

  12. gonewest says:

    That sounds like fun, but I won’t know till nearer the time if I can make it. Can’t see why not at the moment though. I’ll make a note on my calendar. It’ll be good to see you all again, and maybe some new people too.

  13. dandlyon says:

    Been talking with Mick P this evening, his talks have been reduced to one on the Friday and one on Saturday, 4.30 both days and just 30 minutes.. It seems the “stars” are a bit worried by his popularity, its not the first time a certain well know garden presenter has tried to take over Micks composting talks :bad:

  14. karenp says:

    Would’ve loved to have met up again, but already having girlie weekend with my sis and sis in law, then got Glastonbury at the end of the month, so will have to be an onlooker from afar on the blogs and photos to come along after :good: :-)

  15. gertie says:

    Are you ‘doing’ Glasto in any way or just a day visit Karen? Our son and his wife get involved each year and are Stewards there. It raises money for their local school in some way. My friend Zena also goes and does face painting activities there. :rose:

  16. dandlyon says:

    Mickyp will be on the NVS stand each day, nearer the day will post his mobile phone number so he can be located [ have micks approval to do this]

  17. Ginnybean says:

    Having only just made contact again only just seen this…. Unfortunatly I am working on that day, in fact every day that week…. will be thinking of you all… Can still remember the meet we had in Cardiff… Made the day perfect…. Hope you have a great day….

  18. gertie says:

    Sadly, neither can I go this time … it’s the weekend of Dom’s knee op :rose: Next time, and give my best to MickyP too :good: :rose:

  19. Hayley says:

    So, it’s getting close to our meet up! If anyone else has decided to come last minute, PM me before you buy the tickets as I may have a few spare ones going begging. :good: :-) :lol:

  20. cilla says:

    I have pre booked our parking ticket which saves having to queue on the day.

  21. cilla says:

    And don’t forget the tissues, you know what we’re like on meeting and leaving. :lol:

  22. dandlyon says:

    If any one wants Micks mobile number to contact him on the day I will send a PM

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