I’ve Gone Right Off Parsnips

We planned to have a traditional Sunday roast today so I went down to the veg patch to dig up a few Parsnips. I usually do this without any tools as the ground was well riddled and I find pulling them by hand quite easy once you work your fingers around the neck of the Parsnip and then twist and pull them up.

I had pulled 4 up and I was just about to go in when I thought I would pull a couple more to make a stew with the next day. I had not put any gloves on as they are full of holes so it seemed a waste of time, it was then that I put my hand in something soft and thinking it was a rotten Parsnip I continued to pull it up and drop it on the soil.

It took a few seconds for it to sink in what it was that I had put my hand in and pulled up, but when I did there was this look of sheer horror on my face and a mad dash to the kitchen to scrub my hands with soap, bleach and disinfectant.

My much better half who had been weeding on the other side of the garden came into the kitchen to see what was wrong and all I could do was mutter Yuck, Yuck, Yuck, and sent him to have a look at what I had left on the soil.

He came back in and said where did that come from and when I told him I had pulled it up he took on the same look of horror.

I am presuming that a fox could only eat half of the rat and that it had buried the other half for later, but needles to say I wished I had worn gloves and I have gone right off Parsnips so we had Chicken & Chips instead of Sunday lunch.

Half a Rat

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  1. gertie says:

    Oh dear Alison … I don’t know whether to shriek with you with horror :shout: , or laugh :confused: :dunno: I hope you eventually enjoyed your Chicken & Chips ;-)
    Oh and that avatar of yours gets me giggling every time I see it :giggle: HAGE :rose:
    PS remember those gloves in future … guess that’s a lesson for us all, I often forget mine tho’ lately, with a particularly nice new pair from a friend, am getting better at putting them on :good: :rose:

  2. AliCat says:

    Evening Anne :rose: , my hands are red raw from scrubbing them, but I have learnt an important lesson, so holes or no holes in the gloves they will be better than nothing

  3. VegVamp says:

    Oh Yuk Ali, I did find out about the tendency of foxes to bury what they couldn’t eat last year; when I found half a chicken (our neighbour has free range chooks) buried in one of my raised beds, quadruple YUCK. :-(

  4. gertie says:

    Absolutely Alison … I get foxes too, who leave their smelly traces from time to time, and it’s only a tiny garden :shout: so I remember the gloves … mostly ;-) ….hand cream too Alison …lots of it :good: :lol: :rose:

  5. shedsue says:

    Maybe it was just a pressie for you Ali ;-) ….and yes, I learnt that gloves are important after been covered in cat poo one day and I could not get rid of the smell… :-( …….Apparently, if its fox poo on your dog or hands tomato ketchup does the job…(don’t know about old rat though) :blowkiss:

  6. cilla says:

    My foxes are far too well behaved………..and well fed, to do things like that Ali ;-)

  7. AliCat says:

    Evening all, after todays find of a Thrush buried in one of the veg beds I think I am going to have to fence of the veg patch :bad:

  8. cilla says:

    Life in the country Ali, red in tooth and claw :-(

  9. roly says:

    I know how you feel Ali when we had two black Labradors we used to take them down the fields in our estate car so they could have a free run one day we let them out of the car for there run the ran up the field and rolled in some fox poo

    so they ended up black dogs with brown patches they really stunk terrible good job the estate had a guard so they couldn’t jump over the back seats we had all the windows open and that two miles home seemed like ten

    lucky we had kept an old tin bath in the shed and yes tomato sauce was the ticket although I had rubber gloves on when I bath both of them I could still smell that awful stick for some time after god what a pong

    lucky for us we haven’t had any foxes using the allotments as a toilet and now all our root crops are in raised beds I think if that had happened to me Ali it would have put me of root veg for life and I really feel for your experience its something one would not wish on anyone its the pits

    being a country boy I like to see foxes but the toilet habits leave much to be desired I have to say all the years we had dogs we always picked up there poo because its a dirty despicable act to leave it for someone ells to clear up and leaving it in fields where there’s livestock is criminal and those that do this should be locked up :good:

    I hope your now over that terrible experience

  10. roly says:


    I forgot to mention I don’t know if your aware that some rats carry a disease that can be fatal to humans so like others have already said its best to always wear gloves I can’t stand wearing gloves for gardening but I.ve reluctantly made myself wear them when doing most jobs including gardening these days can.t be to careful ;-)

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