Restless Teds

Restless Teds


Teds were restless. Nothing exciting had happened since they had marched for Dixon, when they had heard that he was stuck in stocks, somewhere in Spain! …


“Did you say Spain?” said Chaz?

“Yes, Dixon likes going to Spain.” Said Joz, [he’s the one wearing a chain.]


“It was Warwick Castle you silly Ted!” snapped Chaz!


Help Valentines from Warwick Castle.

“All right!” retorted Joz; “There’s no need to snap my head off!”

Oh dear! the Teds were unusually grumpy.

Another reason for their grumpiness was Aaron.


Aaron was on holiday. … this shows him all brushed and posing with his passport.


He had packed himself in his travelling bag …


… and having eaten some of Maria’s Lemon Drizzle Cake, and said hallo and goodbye to Ted the ted …


… had been taken on holiday to Jamaica. His pals at the Pads had wished him ‘bon voyage’ and that was the last they had seen of him for weeks!


Now, to be fair, Aaron, well aware of what a lucky Ted he was to be asked to go on holiday to Jamaica, did send his friends messages from time to time.

He sent pictures of beautiful Bougainvillea blossoms for the Gardening Teds …..

jamaican blossomsb

Aaron’s cheery messages …

“Hallo everybody! It’s lovely swinging amongst the blossoms in the sunshine here! This is my favourite tree!” …

blue sky

… were sent to cheer them up.

But the gardening Teds, sitting in the dark recesses of one of the Pads, despondently peered through the rain outside, and wished they too, were in sunny Jamaica!


Little Mo was sad because a friend of hers was in hospital. The little Ted went on the train to Denmark Hill, to see her and to try to cheer her up.


Even their big teddy friend, Florin, although happy that his friend Ted the ted had been saved from Van guarding, was sad when he moved away.


Teds don’t stay sulky for long however. The gardening Teds were discussing the coming month of March, when they could set about seed sowing and tidying in the Pads Garden.


Sheldon went to the Optician to advise Anne on her next pair of specs, and whilst there he said hallo to Barker Ted, and cooed over a baby doll in a carry cot. Sheldon doesn’t ‘do’ restless.



Meanwhile, Aaron was sending more flowery postcards from Jamaica; here he is with a Hibiscus flower.


All in all, things were looking up. The month of March was approaching, bringing with it the promise of Spring, warmth and new growth in the fields and gardens, and Teds don’t stay glum for long.

Anne, March 2017


Thank you to Dixon for his ‘Stocks in Warwick’ photograph;

… and thanks also to Maria and Bobs in Jamaica, for the pictures of Aaron.


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  1. Beats me how you remember all the names, Anne! :lol:

  2. shedsue says:

    What fun you have Anne with those bears ….Just loving the hibiscus flower and Aaron of course :love:

  3. gertie says:

    I do Susie, and it’s fun when Peops read them and comment too, so thanks :-) :rose:
    My friend, Maria, made sure that I had one available to go with her to Jamaica, where her husband was born and grew up, so that they could send back pictures and enlarge on the parameters of the Ted Tales :walt: :dance:

  4. shedsue says:

    You write, lovely little stories Anne, with fabulous colourful photos, to brighten up dismal grey days :good: xxx

  5. cilla says:

    Oh lucky Aaron, all that sunshine :notacloudinsight: I thought of you this morning Anne. A lady in a mobility scooter (I’ve seen her before ) has loads of teds attached to the front of her basket! I must ask if I can take a photo when I see her again. :lol:

  6. gertie says:

    :giggle: Teehee, a lady of impeccable taste Cilla … what a lovely idea :lol: I bet they keep her company! there are clearly very fluid limits to the boundaries of simple sanity ennit … not an easy one to define at all ;-) Lucky Aaron indeed … would love to smuggle myself into their suitcase next time they go!! :lol:

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