Many Moons

It has indeed been Many Moons since I was last on this site.
Hello to old friends and to any new members reading this.

We had a cold Spring down here in Western Australia and haven’t had the really high temperatures that we usually get it Summer ( but that is not such a bad thing), we have had a bit more rain that usual, so now, in Autumn everything is blooming wonderfully.
My Frangipanis are looking great, none of my seedlings have flowered yet but some of my cuttings a friend gave me have flowered.
I find I cant do the things I used to do in the garden ( this old age is a bugger), but I ask the sons to help me when needed, hubby is no use as he has had heart trouble.

Still have my two dogs, who still make a mess of the garden.

I dont know how I put photos on  a blog so perhaps someone can advise me.

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  1. gertie says:

    I am not perhaps the best to advise Sylvia, but others will doubtless follow with better advice. I incorporate my photos within my text in WORD. I then copy and paste onto GC, where it takes the script immediately. I then have to upload the photos from an export folder collected for that particular blog. When they are uploaded to the site gallery they get placed one by one into their allotted place in the script, at whatever size you have decreed. When you have decided on he type of blog, ie Children’s story, gardening blog, odds and sods etc. remember to copy the title into the space provided before you click save ….. I hope this helps a bit :confused: :love: :rose: :bad:

  2. cilla says:

    Hello Star, welcome back :-) I never managed to find your reply to me on FB but so glad you have come back to us. I’m sure you are relieved that your summer was cooler for you. We are having the odd sunny day but it has been a looooong winter with a lot of rain and a lot of overcast days. But the spring flowers are out and the daffs so onwards and upwards!

  3. VegVamp says:

    Hi Sylvia, delighted to hear your garden is doing well and to see you back on here. I’ve just been looking at your gorgeous Frangipanis :good: To add photo as you type, go to a new line, then click the “add media” button. The “Insert Media” window will appear, click “upload Media” top left. Select the photo/s you want, upload and they will appear in the Media Library (tab to right of Upload Media top left). In the right hand panel you can select alignment and size, then click on “Insert into post”. You can save your Blog as a draft, if you want time to experiment with it before posting, just set the “status” dropdown menu under the Title. You can then go back to it by clicking on the new Blog link where your blogs will appear. Any saved as a draft you can edit before they are posted on the site.
    I don’t really recommend using Microsoft word to copy and paste; it can create lots of problems because Word adds loads of hidden formatting to a web page. (sorry Anne, :rose: ).

  4. gertie says:

    No problem Karen…I may continue with Word as I have the blogs on my computer, but will try your way too as I know it is more techie-efficient …many thanks :good: There you go Sylvia…Karen is the expert :good: :love: :rose:

    • VegVamp says:

      No worries Anne, whatever works for you. If they are on your computer you could try copying the text from Word into notepad first; that will remove all the formatting for you. Then copy it from there into the blog? I know, a bit of a faff but it might help with the text jumping about which you mentioned. :-)

  5. Yewbarrow says:

    good to have you back with us Star

  6. Dear Star! You may remember me as a new member some time ago? I had time away from GC but now back and enjoying my return to the fold! Great to hear the dogs and hubby are still with you and causing problems! Better that way than otherwise.
    Marjorie x

  7. Beanstew says:

    Really lovely to see you again, Star – as I must confess I gave up on FB ages ago, and lost touch with a lot of old friends, including you. But one thing is certain, all of us older gardeners will keep on gardening somehow, and keep on talking about it whenever we get the chance. I remember your garden well, and I’m looking forward to seeing it again, and all your frangipani.

    • Star says:

      Hi Beanstew………………I hope you are well, as I remember seeing something about you having a problem with your heart.
      My garden has changed a bit…….new things added , things taken away. I will take some up to date photos.

  8. Hayley says:

    Lovely to hear from you again Sylvia :-) Spring, summer, autumn and winter is just another year to a garden, and to a gardener it’s timeless, just like the friendships we share. I’ll so enjoy seeing your beautiful Frangipanis :good: :lol:

    • Star says:

      Hello Hayley, I bet your garden is coming along nicely now, the last thing I remember you where building an enormous greenhouse. Bet it was filled with veg and plants last year.

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