Mad Mid March Teds!

Mad Mid March Teds!


Teds were wanting to wish their friends a happy day on March 17th, so they sat around the coloured light globe and sang songs. They had been looking for Leprechauns ….. under green umbrellas …


… under logs , which Green Man had obligingly lifted for them ….


Jhobi even peered under a silly pink hat! … but to no avail; no Leprechauns!


Earlier in March, because they couldn’t wait a moment longer, some of the Gardening Teds had started helping with seed sowing. Foxley had tried some early Runner Beans, and they were standing tall and beautiful.


Twinkle, wanting to see closer, was clambering all over the place!


Hollyhocks and Livingstone Daisies were coming through nicely.


Twinkle made sure that they were okay! … “They like warmth,” he said.


A Pads newcomer who had only one leg, was helped to see the seedlings by two kind Teds: He wanted to be a gardener too.


“That will be a tall Nasturtium!” he said to the two Teds.


And what was all that about a silly pink hat?


It was Joz and Chaz who started it! … “I can’t see you!” giggled Joz.


“Can’t see you either !” said Chaz from under the pink helmet. An old Ted warned them, “You’ll have an accident if you’re not careful! Silly Teds!” he said.


Chaz and Joz rolled around in their helmets chortling, whilst others started to join in the fun.


“Look out, you’ll roll over the edge!” someone yelled. Jhobi caught him in the nick of time!


Meanwhile, Hedgeley went back when the two big leaves had formed on the Bean Sprouts, to trim them off. He agreed with his Welsh Gardening friend, Allan, who had advised him; both Hedgeley and Allan know about these things.


Twinkle gave him a hand, holding the nipped-off leaves …


… which he later took back to the Pads Garden. The Green Teds agreed that the leaves would make a tasty lunch.


So life continued at the C.P.Pads as Spring approached, and Teds enjoyed a Silly Season!

Anne ….. From the Ides of March to St. Patrick’s Day.


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  1. gertie says:

    Epilogue: Hedgeley had, of course, misunderstood his gardening friend and nipped off the wrong bit of bean :confused: Foxley will sort it all out tomorrow :good: All part of the Silly Season … with a vengeance!! :eyeroll: :lol: :rose:

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