Aaron Goes to Jamaica … Part One.

Aaron Goes to Jamaica … Part One.

Aaron was at the Airport, with his Passport and Boarding Card for the plane.

En route before Flightcm

Outside on the wet tarmac, he could see the aeroplane waiting; inside the cabin there was a map on the back of the seat in front of him to show him his route.

En route in Flight

After saying his farewells to Buster, Aaron was off on holiday to Jamaica!


In Jamaica Aaron found a colourful, scented paradise.


He loved swinging in amongst the flowers on trees …

blue sky

… and sitting amongst the leaves too.

Aaron up in tree216997158_414600435551017_1253213319_n

Sometimes he even resembled a strange blossom himself, high up against the blue sky!


Aaron by yellow tree

He loved the bright, papery Bougainvilleas blossoms. They reminded him of pretty tissue present-wrappings he had at home in Crystal Palace.

pink blossom

A pink blossom2

blossom in red



Aaron had never been to such a place before.

Colours surrounded him above and below.

Aaron with spiky flowers17035336_416545808689813_1689976615_n

Indoors he found, not vases filled with Spring daffodils, but jars with exotic Hibiscus blooms instead.


hangingaboutin trees 117160333_418864375124623_1475743659_n

Hibiscus was abundant in the sunny gardens outside.


All around the island grew bananas; green bunches of them hanging from squat, broad-leaved banana plants.

Aaron & bananas17035305_416545792023148_1738614279_n

Also there were Coconuts on taller, swarthy palm trees …

Aaron with coconuts17094273_416545812023146_644315212_n

… the coconuts were fun to sit on too when he helped to gather them!

aaron on nuts

He always had tasty fresh fruits to eat, raw or cooked.


Local Jamaican Mangoes were gigantic and he had cooked Plantains with fresh, local Bananas and drank cool, fresh Coconut Water every day. It was yummy!


One day he had Ackee and he helped to prepare a whole box of the pretty pink pods for a tasty meal of Ackee and Saltfish, washed down with Red Stripe Beer!

Aaron with ackee!!17274708_421386094872451_2120244538_n

cooked ackee17238631_422028961474831_183661140_n

He brought home some of the shiny, black seeds too.


All this he learnt about in the first few days of his visit, but more was to come.


Anne … with photos kindly supplied by friend, Maria, who took Aaron with her and Bobs on their Jamaican visit ….. February-March 2017.

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  1. shedsue says:

    WOW…He had a fruity fab time indeed :good:

  2. gertie says:

    He sure did, lucky bear!! :lol: He gets to see special critters in the next instalment he thoroughly enjoyed himself :lol: :rose:

  3. Is that tamarind in the blue dish, Anne? Lovely seeing fruit in its home country ;-)

  4. gertie says:

    Yes Jane …well spotted :good: I will have to attach a glossary of names :-) :rose:

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