Fox or Rats?

Fox or Rats?

fox or ratsm

As I was working in the front garden room this afternoon, enjoying the warm sunshine, I happened to go through the back garden room, past Blue Hill. This is what I saw. A stonking great hole under the bench and through and under Dom’s shed. Outside was heaped dry earth mixed with empty plastic pots and trays that were being stored under said bench, littered all over the bottom of the path going up behind Blue Hill! … just kicked-chucked- heaped over the path and flowers … a dreadful mess.

It looked such a large hole with such a lot of big stuff chucked out I figured it was a fox. Dom suggested rats. He says he’s heard scratchings under the floor, when working inside the shed. Isn’t it too big a hole/mess to have suddenly been made by rats?

Has anyone any definitive thoughts please?

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  1. Allan says:

    Looks like rats Anne, Your robin has even left there ,He is in my garden. ;-)

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: I have Robin’s mates then Allan ;-) plus blackbirds, blue titmice, Great titmice, Starlings and a Magpie … all this afternoon, and getting quite bold. :lol:

    Can rats really make a hole as big as that Allan :shout: …It’s scary how much they have dug within a day or so, since I was last in that area. :dunno: I’ll have to take steps PDQ :-( Thank you for answering, A :rose:

  3. Goldfish says:

    I would say rats as well, as we have found the same type of hole coming from under the fence panel which has a paved car park next door.Hubby has also seen Mr Rat.

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Vashte … seems pretty conclusive :-( Many thanks all :good: :rose:

  5. mick1970 says:

    Rats Anne get them dealt with really fast at breeding they will be due youngsters…..I was dealing with Rats on a job shoved a hose down a hole all these Rats heads popped out…first thing stop putting bird food out birds have plenty at this time of year…rat poison is the only way to deal with them ….someone told me pour a bit of paraffin down the hole always cleaning themselves

  6. gertie says:

    Oh dear again :-( Thank you for your very useful advice Mick … I will have to bite he bullet I guess :-( Rats have always seemed such intelligent critters to me, ever since some bloke came round the school where I was teaching, years ago, with a sleek, chestnut coloured one on his shoulder…he was extolling their virtues. This is another side I have to face. You are wise to mention the bird seed…it is time to stop now it’s Springtime … I like the paraffin tip too :good: Thanks again :rose:

  7. mick1970 says:

    I don’t like too harm anything…but when they can have 2000 babies in a year and the babies start breeding before 6 months of age
    ..done a lot of reading on them they are intelligent can cause mayhem as well

  8. gertie says:

    Well this has been a real eye-opener for me. I had no idea that rats could dig such ENORMOUS holes and move such ENORMOUS amounts of soil etc
    Tonight, on all your good advice, I have borrowed my friend Bobs’ rat trap and set it by the mound of earth and the hole :confused: …. watch this space :-( and many thanks again. Nightnight :rose:

  9. Yewbarrow says:

    The other thinkg Anne is that rats constantly excrete urine and as a result spread nasty diseases so always garden in gloves because of it, we have them around here, stopped feeding the birds because of them and now have neighbours all around me who feed the birds, its like McDonalds for rats – OH does put poison down and uses short lenghts of drain pipe with the poison in the middle so that the birds can’t get at the poison.

  10. gertie says:

    Thank you Jenny … a timely reminder, as I’m rubbish at remembering my gloves and I have some lovely ones.
    Latest on the rat situation:
    Dom has contacted the local council and we are waiting for a reply from them … will go through the ‘official route’.
    No rat is in the Humane trap I set last night so far…. Bobs will keep an eye open when we’re away for the weekend … good friends are beyond price aren’t they/you? :love:
    Anne xx :rose:

  11. gertie says:

    Hi again :high-five: It is definitely Foxes :good: … saw the back of one on the web cam, not a good pic but confirms what we thought.
    Visit from Rat Catcher Man, discovered no rats, only the nibblings of poor little field mice :disappointed: and he said , as I hitherto reported, Leave it until the end of April before you fill in the hole under the shed and block it . Still trying to get a good picture, and will show it if I do. :rose:

  12. Allan says:

    Personally IThink I would prefer rats Anne, ;-) :rose:

  13. gertie says:

    :lol: A lot less messy Allan!!! :rose:

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