When we moved to Chapel House in June 2015. OH promised me a proper greenhouse, I made do with a cheap polytunnel ( it has withstood a lot of Fenn winds including the tail end of Doris) but after a lot of research and the budget doubling!!!!! Argggggg. My Rhino 6×6 ft in seagrass with finials ( I had to have finials) I didn’t reveal the actual cost of these to OH!!!  It looks great, I went for quality rather than quantity, the greenhouse needed to look good as it’s right in the middle off the veg plot and is visible from almost all of the garden. It has automatic roof vents, which are going to be very useful, OH & I spent about half an hour just watching them! ( Think we need to get out more😀 or little things please little minds) we do live miles from the nearest village/ town so this could rate as entertainment 😂.

It is now full of plants, which are getting bigger already, with all that fab light. I’m being very disciplined (well trying) about the amount of time I’m spending in there! Just need a small radio and I will be well away.

The polytunnel


Area cleared, levelled and flattened with a roller.

Greenhouse being built by Paul & Alan, the boss (Paul) came to help build, he did his lionshare too.

Finials & automatic roof vents

Louvre vents

Filling up quickly 😁

Before plants

Now complete with two water butts, the guttering came as a standard fixture.

View down the garden, it looks so much nicer than the polytunnel.

So as the greenhouse has a 25yr guarantee, it is going to get a lot of use, I like to get my monies worth! I will be in my eighties when it needs replacing, I will probably just need the polytunnel.

To say I’m happy and pleased is a bit of a understatement 😁😁😍

So due to the cost of this and the fact that it’s also our 40th wedding anniversary in August,we are having a family/ close friends barbeque. I won’t be joining you at the GW get together 😔 but I shall be thinking of you all, whilst in my greenhouse. 💐🌸💖

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  1. VegVamp says:

    Am delighted for you Lynn, it looks wonderful and I loved seeing more of your garden along with the new greenhouse. :-) But so sad to read that you won’t be joining us at HW live. :-( Would loved to have met up with you again – you definitely have to make the next one! :good: :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    Fabulous Lynn … just fabulous :good: What a super garden, green house, views, space …just love it. Well done already :good: :love: :walt: :rose:

  3. Beanstew says:

    This is a lovely blog, Lynn about a smashing wee greenhouse – and I giggled in recognition when I got to the bit about the automatic roof vents counting as entertainment (mine still do) – although it’s tempered a bit nowadays each Spring with anxiety “Is it still working?”. Your GH and garden look terrific Lynn, and I wish you and OH many, many years of enjoyment from them.

  4. cilla says:

    What a pretty greenhouse Lynn and two water butts :good: Your garden is really lovely you have worked hard……you def need more plants though….and more…and more :lol: :-( What a shame you can’t make GLive, as Karen says, the next one is a must :-)

  5. dandlyon says:

    Love the greenhouse Lynn well worth the wait :good:

  6. Wow, lovely, Lynn! The space you have as well as the greenhouse – what joy :walt: :walt: We all know you’ll love being in there :rose:

  7. Jenn says:

    Hi Lynn – it is all looking gorgeous and stunning and I have total greenhouse envy :-) Wishing you many happy hours taking the side shoots off of tomatoes and growing magnificent tenders. When is your anniversary, lovey? 40 years – wow – you don’t get that for murder unless you chop them up into tiny bits ;-) :silly: :lol:

    • Morning g Jenn, thankyou, it’s very difficult not to stay focused on the jobs that really need doing in the house and the garden and not spend all my time in the greenhouse, literally pottering :giggle:
      Our anniversary is in August, the 6 the, yes it does seem a very long time when you say 40, but in my mind it doesn’t seem that long, I don’t feel in myself, old enough, but have to admit when the going has been a bit tough it’s felt a lot longer!!! Although the murder has never been an option, honest :-)
      Am enjoying this lovely sunshine, not sure I’d the garden is though some parts are really dry, so hoping for some rain tomorrow, plus I need to crack on with painting the lounge! HALD :rose:

  8. shedsue says:

    You have done such a fab job with the garden Lynn (and 40 years married) :good: :good: :good: ….so you DESERVE that GH ;-) or a medal ;-) ..and your OH deserves MORE PLANTS…yea..tee hee

  9. mick1970 says:

    All coming on nicely

  10. roly says:

    I read this blog and chuckled to myself because when my daughter moved house they where lucky to inherit a large garden to go with it being a new build it was a blank canvas to start there new garden and my daughter likes her garden

    I was keen to start telling her what she should do or not to do with all that ground but my OH [wife] said don’t say anything let them ask you so I said NOTHING after a little time moving in and getting sorted my daughter said to me she was getting the son in law to build her some razed beds I thought hear we go so he built 4 razed beds then came the greenhouse

    I had my thoughts on what she should buy but no keep it to myself but to my surprise she ordered a greenhouse i would buy one with a dwarf wall why a greenhouse with a dwarf wall well we all have our preference what is the best to buy i personally like a greenhouse built on a dwarf wall many of the Victorian glasshouses are built on a dwarf wall plan but as i said its all down to ones preference

    and of cause it is all about cost when we bought our two greenhouses it was cheaper to buy two without a dwarf wall than with one but as my son in law is a builder building a dwarf wall will be no problem

    he has been asked to build the dwarf wall for the new greenhouse by my daughter but he doesn’t know he’s going to build some cold frames to go with it :lol:

  11. karenp says:

    Loved your blog Lynn, which did make me smile, as I’d be just the same as you especially about those automatic airvents ;-) , I’m afraid I do suffer with greenhouse envy, sad I do know, my uncle has electric going to his even lights so he can potter in the greenhouse in the evening, heating too :good:
    But yours is very pretty too with those finials really finishing it off and I like the colour, a radio would be ideal on those not so warm days just pottering up there, and your garden looks lovely too, I can feel that greenhouse envy coming on again :confused: :confused: :confused: ;-) :-)

  12. Allan says:

    How did I miss your blog Lynn,? It’s looking great with you,,,Know what you mean about watching the vents open,When we had the first automatic washing machine,I can remember both of us watching in wonder at the clothes spinning around,,,A Little bit longer than you with the anniversary,54 years,With no medals wanted either way, I have the reverse too you,Going from a big garden to a small one,I miss the other one with the greenhouse ,But can manage this one comfortably, ;-) ;-)

    • Thankyou Allan, you were too busy gardening ;-) .
      My present is the greenhouse, far more practical than a piece of jewellery. The barbeque is also a housewarming and OH’s 60th birthday celebration, he has a early January birthday.
      I have always wanted a bigger garden before I get to the point where I wouldn’t be able to manage one, no of us knows what’s around the corner, just hope the corner doesn’t come to quick with a 25yr life for the greenhouse :giggle:

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