A Stroll Through Crystal Palace Park.

A Stroll Through Crystal Palace Park.

As I entered the park many of the Stoggies were lined up in the sun instead of sitting in their usual branches … ‘line of duty’ came into my head ….. :silly:

Trees and shrubs, leaves and blossoms throughout the park looked lovely.

Was fascinated to see the flowery bits in the Witch Hazel, having missed the catkins this season!

The strong, still sunlight made reflections…..

….. many shades of green …..

….. and shadows .

Water birds were enjoying  warmth at long last!

Here, mother Mallard was shepherding eleven ducklings through the rippling water; the drake just behind.

Here, plaintive squeaking came from a tiny Coot whose parent had nipped over a barrier to get some crumbs from passers by … the tiny coot couldn’t climb the wall!

… and whilst Mallard drakes basked together in the sunshine …..

….. other Coots just swam around, making waves.

A wild array of riverbank flora looked especially attractive in the dappled shade.

This big blue-black critter flew down before me and strutted around confidently. Was he hoping for food?

The park is often a profitable, as well as a colourful place to strut around in.

Everywhere is still very colourful although so dry.

On my wandering way back towards the station exit, I noticed that some bridge railings had been introduced , depicting dates with dinosaurs … [of which there are a number of stone effigies around … but I didn’t photograph them today.]

It’s always enjoyable walking round Crystal Palace Park.

Anne ….. 10.05.2017

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  1. shedsue says:

    You certainly look a couple of weeks in front of us Anne…Another lovely walk for me in my lunch hour

  2. gertie says:

    You’re very welcome Susie … thank you for coming along ;-) It’s interesting how even in this small island group, the seasons are so varied :good: :rose:

  3. A lovely walk, Anne :-) London has a lot more green than a lot of other places, it seems :-)

  4. gertie says:

    I find it difficult to go alone Jane … [have always enjoyed Dom’s company but he’s not up to it … yet …] but altho’ I didn’t see the Egyptian Geese again, I really enjoyed the trees and blossoms. It’s still a beautiful big garden, despite our lack of rain :rose: All of a sudden, it’s warm again!! :rose:

  5. Beanstew says:

    Thank goodness our forefathers had enough foresight to make provision for green places in the midst of large cities. It is difficult to imagine just how barren large tracts of stone, concrete and tarmac would be without them to rest our eyes on. And we can see from your photographs Anne, just how successful those early planners were. I didn’t know Dom was not well, and I hope he’s soon well enough to get outside with you for a walk.

  6. gertie says:

    Quite right about the forefathers Sheila :-) :good: … sometimes they are underpraised methinks :lol: The roads are so loaded with fume-spewing vehicles, not least those noisy mopeds that reckless young peops roar up and down our road with :shout: that I am thankful to be surrounded with parks, all of which host play areas and wild life as well as beautiful gardened areas.
    Dom is ok thank you, but he is plagued more and more by his knee … op date at last [after two years of shilly-shallying] set for next month, which means we won’t be able to meet up of course, but after that …weyhey, :dance: all systems GO we hope :lol: :rose:

  7. A lovely park Anne, the ceanothis is a magnificent specimen. I do love the new greens that the spring brings. Beautiful :good:

  8. cilla says:

    After a busy, back achey afternoon in the garden, it has been lovely having a relaxing walk around your beautiful park……I love those coot babies :love: London certainly has some unexpected green spaces along with the wildlife. Thank you for that Anne. :-)

  9. gertie says:

    You are welcome Cilla :lol: The park was busy with human babies as well as bird babies … it was a beautiful morning.
    It was a first for me to see the Coot babies so close up ….odd little critters aren’t they :lol:

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