polytunels on the allotments

i was amazed when I went down the allotment the other day having not  been down there several days behold there had appeared   polytunels on some of the plots 6x9ish

not that out of the ordinary perhaps but as  our landlords the parish council have been for years against any sheds or greenhouses  being erected on the allotments so maybe there relaxing the allotment T&C’S at last ?

its certainly more encouraging to see people taking more interest in there allotments by buying a polytunnel they can also be used as shelter when it rains

I’m even considering buying one myself I just hope they don’t get vandalized as that will put the dampers on things

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  1. gertie says:

    Good luck with that then Roly :good: :clover: :rose:

  2. dandlyon says:

    If you buy one Roly get a proper poly tunnel , these with the green plastic covers and zip doors do not last long and blow away easy in a gale My friend has had two covers on hers in 3 years. I just made a door frame and door for her and we will cover the frame in scaffold netting . Would have done this today but its rained all day

  3. roly says:

    i wasn’t sure about these green tunnels Tony because all the tunnels I’ve bought where quite a bit more expensive than the green type my cover was a product called visqueen quite a thick poly cover also bought with it hot tape for the bars and clear jointing/ tunnel repair tape so all in all quite a bit more expensive but the upside is that provided the poly cover is correctly installed it last’s several years through the worst of the weathers that nature has to offer

    i also think scaffold net is very good idea of yours and it should help save the cover I bought some second hand scaffold nets but never had to use them on my tunnels I’m not sure what the green poly tunnels cover [mm] thickness but it sounds like its venerable to windy weather especially when windy Doris comes calling

    so i think i mite give the green poly tunnels a bit of a miss for the time being and see how my fellow gardeners green poly tunnels last the test of time :lol:

  4. Beanstew says:

    Think the secret to long lasting polytunnel covers is the installation method. I had a large polytunnel (60 ft)erected in the teeth of prevailing Atlantic gales and the cover lasted for years because it was buried in the soil all the way round and couldn’t move. But it’s a blooming noisy shelter in heavy rain….

  5. karenp says:

    I’ve got one of those green polytunnel, never had one blown away as as Sheila said if you bury the skirt deeply so no wind can whip it up, also hammer posts deeply on the inside and use gaffer tape to attach the frame to, the door zips are the weakest point, but I do use wd40 regularly to keep it moving, only problem I have is when we do have high winds lots of tiny holes appear on the top, so now I’ve covered the top with simular clear sheeting and tied it down, noticed on some of the polytunnels up the allotments some have netting covering the frame, looks like goal nets, just haven’t seen the plot holders recently to ask them if it is, they have these secured with metal ground stakes too :good:

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