Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park.

Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park.

This is what drew us both to the park yesterday.

As always, I was drawn to the flora and fauna, but our first view was that over the little lake frequented by huge, prehistoric critters.

It started to rain, but very slightly, just dimpling water enough to blur any reflections. I always love peering through these overhanging Willow fronds.

Ever-present Pigeons waited around near the usual park entrance/exit gate.

Was thrilled to show Dom my ‘Cathedral Aisle ‘ of London Planes, and also that he found it easy to walk across the Daisy-strewn grass, as we headed back round to more dinosaurs.

En route we saw ducks exhilarating in their bath time …

… then over the bridge to reflections and collections of brooding critters.

Whichever way you looked … huge, lumbering Dinosaurs … lazing in the water; dozing in the sunshine; searching in the tree tops for leafy fodder, but all safely out of reach beyond the shimmering lake water.

After safely passing the Dinosaurs I was happy to see my favourite Bearded Iris in succulent bloom, alongside spherical Alliums and fat Poppy buds … gorgeous flowers!

Anne ….. 20.05.2017.


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  1. Lovely walk, Anne, though I think I’d give T-rex and co a miss ;-) Dom looks well, too :-)

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: Wouldn’t like to meet ’em at midnight Jane ;-)
    Thank you … he actually managed better than I thought he would; but when Dom is determined, well…nuff sed ;-) :rose: :good:

  3. Allan says:

    Know the feeling Anne, Grandson took us out for a meal for my birhday. The night before last,I asked him how far the returant was from the car park,Not far he said,Good job that in Cardiff they had seats every few yards,My knees have been complaining since, Did they have the one eyed dino there,? Nice set of photos. :good: :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    I am hoping that a little, regular exercise will keep him moving Allan, for both of us if I’m honest :lol:
    Now, a one-eyed Dino? :confused: honest answer is, I don’t know, but I will investigate :-) :good:
    HALE Allan and thank you :rose:

  5. cilla says:

    I’m not a dinasour lover but how fabulous!. Someone has worked very hard and very scary if you didn’t know they were there :lol: Lovely flowers, those iris are beautiful. I’m glad Dom is managing to get some walks in. :good:

  6. VegVamp says:

    What a brilliant idea Anne, loved the dinosaurs. :good: And gorgeous flower photos as always. Is Dom still waiting for his op? Dear help him, not nice. :-(

  7. gertie says:

    They go right back to the Victorians Karen, those dinosaurs :lol:
    Thank you for your comments ; you’re right, it hasn’t been much fun for Dom these past few years of waiting, but let’s hope his knee will be mended soon :good: :rose:

  8. shedsue says:

    Lovely photos as usual Anne, dinosaurs are so fascinating :good:

  9. gertie says:

    Thank you Susie :rose:
    I wonder if there will ever be a living dinosaur created from DNA found in frozen water from the Ice Age :confused: :-) :rose:

  10. Ginnybean says:

    My middle Grandson loves dinosaurs so would love it there…. He has made a dinosaur park in his garden with his model ones as well as his railway track with his ‘Thomas’ trains… He is 12 now…Love your photo’s…

  11. gertie says:

    Thanks Ginny :rose:
    Your Grandson sounds like ‘my kind of person’ … Model Dinosaurs and a train track in the garden :shout: Brilliant! :lol: …The CPPTeds would love it :lol: :rose:

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