Wet wet Wednesday at Kingston Lacy.

I really hadn’t wanted to do any house visiting on this holiday but our inclement weather dictated otherwise! Kingston Lacy is situated near Wimbourne Minster and TomTom took us there round tiny narrow lanes which were already awash with water……a little scary! However, we arrived and made straight for the cafe for a warming drink before having a quick peek into the laundry..

I can’t remember too much about the house partly because, the lights were so dim to preserve things, that it was a strain sometimes to take it in.

I seem to have mislaid half the house photos but I’m sure you would rather see the garden anyway. I had on my new waterproof jacket and it was just about to be tested! The hood was a good one and kept my head dry. It really was bucketing down so some of the photos are blurry with raindrops on the camera.

This was a fernery, it was very attractive and I loved the central ferny rock structure.

We had to walk on the grass to avoid the puddles. We walked under the arch and look who we saw in the woods……Chuckle the Tamworth pig.

After we passed Chuckle I spotted the sign to the kitchen garden (miles from the house, they always were!) Even in the rain this was a superb garden with loads of stuff growing. You will also notice some allotments and the gardener told us that anyone could have a plot and there was a waiting list.

How about this for a scarecrow? And two soggy robins.

Leaving the kitchen garden we made our way back via the Japanese garden which was really pretty, even in the rain.

The good news was that my jacket was indeed waterproof!

We left Kingston Lacy on the main roads and went back to our guest house for a welcome cup of tea. It eventually stopped raining and the forecast was better for the next day……….but you’ll have to wait for that!


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  1. gertie says:

    Wow, what a visit, very accurately described with your superb photos…I enjoyed it and didn’t get too wet at all… magic that new coat :lol: My bucket list is growing and growing … thanks Cilla :lol: :good: :rose:

  2. My goodness, Cilla, what a wet day! But superbly caught in your photos. Loved the fernery too! I did have a slight wonder if you’d offered to iron those table cloths to stay inside a bit longer though ;-)

  3. shedsue says:

    Read this in my lunch Jane, and didn’t mind the rain at all ;-) …it was a pleasure to be out and about in such beautiful surroundings, and like Jane, I did wonder if you stoppped to do a bit of that ironing ;-) xx

  4. cilla says:

    Thank you girls, I’m glad you stayed dry :lol: I was devastated to find the ironing done. :lol:

  5. Brought back some memories Cilla, we lived about 5 miles away. The fernery is full of snowdrops in the winter, and it’s a great way of seeing them. The kitchen garden was still being renovated when we moved, it’s good to see it so organised and producing veg. It was a shame that it was raining as the bluebell walk is beautiful at this time of the year. Glad you enjoyed your visit. :good:

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