Meet up, who, where and when.

Thought it might be useful to add a quick line or two about where we are meeting.

Plans are to meet at 12 noon at the Bandstand, if anyone can’t make this can you let me know asap and we’ll try and change the time to suit everyone. Also  if all those going could confirm here then I’ll send you my mobile # so we can make sure no-one gets lost. ;-)–showguide

So far I think those definitely going are:



Al and Jul

Cilla & P

Tony and Joan


Karen (VV)

Not sure, but maybe Lizzie, @GoneWest and Dix and J as well? @dixon

Now who have I left out?



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  1. Yewbarrow says:

    have a great time folks – am off north to Scotland as you are gathering – enjoy and come back with lots of ideas and lots of memories

  2. Goldfish says:

    What day are you all going?? Sorry for now catching up on the news.

  3. dixon says:

    You little tinker sheila, :lol: ……….nothing against children………..I used to be one ;-) just the way it fell actually but nice and quite with a bit of luck.

  4. Walt says:

    I have booked train tickets, I may receive them tomorrow. There are two changes each way :-( , finding my way around the stations will not be easy ;-)

    • VegVamp says:

      That’s great news Walt, looking forward to meeting you, and Mrs Walt too I hope? :good:

    • Beanstew says:

      I have my train tickets, Walt – but unfortunately booked to the wrong Birmingham station. Am intending to throw myself on the mercy of the man who checks the tickets on the train, to stay on to Birmingham International. I also have train changes. Hope we both make it, and can meet at the NEC.

      • cilla says:

        I’m sure you will be able to charm the ticket inspectpr Bean. When I travelled to Kent last year I found passengers and staff only too pleased to help a country bumpkin negotiate the trains and stations.

  5. Hayley says:

    Stay in touch everyone and see you all very soon :lol: :rose: :high-five: :dance: ;-)

  6. Walt says:

    I f you should see a little man who looks like an old 70’s rocker, then it may well be me ;-)

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