Belvoir Castle

We had a lovely half hour drive to Belvoir along really quiet country lanes. As members of the HHA we had free entry to castle and gardens so moved swiftly through the ticket office to trudge up a very steep path….but shaded. At the top there was a signpost and one arm said to the Duchess’s Gardens so off we trotted. It was another steep hill (well they did build these castles high up to deter enemies) but wooded so not too bad.

From the top there were views across the Vale of Belvoir.

We then emerged into bright sunlight and after a mile, with no garden in evidence, we decided we had taken the wrong path so retraced our steps. By this time I was very very hot, my face and neck were wringing wet and I was Mrs Grumpy personified. So we went back down the slope to the cafe (the castle tea rooms were closed) and bought our lunch which we took outside into the shade. The sandwiches were delicious…smoked salmon and cream cheese and brie with rocket and grapes and very reasonable, washed down with Belvoir Elderflower. I had cooled down by then so we set off back up the slope to the castle. Here is the first view of it.

It was blessedly cool inside (probably perishing in the winter!) and the entrance hall is lined with weapons (I visited years ago and this hall was the only bit I could remember).

I can’t remember what half the rooms were so I shall just post the photos and you can admire them.

This is the dining room which is also used for weddings, conferences etc. There must have been a weekend wedding because there flowers everywhere.

The next three rooms are the King’s Suite because King someone or other did stay there in the early days!!! (I know, I’m a complete history philistine lol).

The next room is obviously much used by the family as there are photographs all around…..they are a family of posers!

Down a spiral staircase, not good for the knees, and in to the kitchens. I would hate to have to clean all that copper.

And so, back outside into the heat….and the rose garden.

Who invited him? lol.

Another allium!

Recognise the campanula Jane?

Oh look, a little fat nymphette by the lily pond, he he.

And look what is in the lily pond…..

The damsels were mating and laying eggs.

From lily pond to Japanese garden……pretty disappointing but cool……via the pet cemetery.


My last, but best photo….my first ever sighting of a male Broad Bodied Chaser.

We were back home by 3 and the conservatory temperature had gone off the scale, now 34 degrees.

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  1. VegVamp says:

    What a great blog Cilla, I do love these visits of yours, gives me a wonderful insight to places I will probably never see. What a place! Oh and according to google it was George IV. ;-) Loved all the pics but my absolute favourite is the lovely, smiling, nymphette by the pond. :love:

  2. shedsue says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time Cills… great photos and a what a beautiful castle and gardens :good:

  3. gertie says:

    Terrific visit, well pictorially documented … Thanks Cilla :good: Hope we can get there some day :lol: :rose:

  4. What an amazing day, Cilla! Don’t know how you managed to survive the heat though – what with the tea rooms being closed but your lunch sounds yummy! Loved the chaser posing just for you! And the newts and the damselflies – brilliant! Excellent blog :rose:

  5. dixon says:

    I do like my castles cilla, :-) not been to Belvoir before but have looked at it several times, certainly looks worth a look at. :good:

  6. cilla says:

    It is very steep to walk up to it dix but they may allow you to drive up. The gardens are also steep so you may have to wait for Jean’s new knèes!

  7. Beanstew says:

    That is what I call “one terrific blog” – and I thank you for such a comprehensive sharing of Belvoir, Cilla. You have covered it so well, that I am sitting here trying to imagine living somewhere like that – and feeling very glad to live in my very ordinary but much cosier peasant’s hovel. Do like the nymphette beside the lily pond………

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