Gertie’s Garden Diary, June, 2017.


Gertie’s Garden Diary, June, 2017.

By the end of May, Blue Geraniums were flowering on Blue Hill, and so far the fox cubs haven’t dug up the three new ones I planted … hope for next year!

Nelly Moser Clematis at the corner of Dom’s tool shed has flowered profusely. At first it gave fluffy double blooms and then followed with stunning single petals. A pink rose [a worms’-eye view] catches the eye from the balcony.

It’s pretty and colourful, always the better for many leaf shapes and greens.

We have discovered a frog. She appeared at the end of May, and we saw her again today, June 5th. We call her Courgette.

Plum coloured Heuchera is flowering profusely by Tiny Pond.

In the evening it’s sometimes possible to see a fox cub sitting and fidgeting on the bench, or mooching around Blue hill. It has very furry soft looking ears.

On the afternoon of 7th, There were flurries of activity in the Holly tree and a young Blue Titmouse, clung to the peanuts holder, buffetted by the wind but determined to get the hang of it. It still had scruffy, fluffy baby feathers sticking out all over!

On the 8th, I spotted a Goldfinch sitting in the Holly tree and managed a quick pic before it flew off. I wonder if it will bring more family with it from across the road, chez Bobs and Maria? Usually there is a big family of goldfinches living in the massive tree in the garden next door to them, above where some foxes were living last year!

I haven’t seen the Vixen since May 31st … here she was last spotted in the back car park following a cub which had hidden underneath a parked vehicle. She looked a bit tired and swollen but otherwise okay.

The garden itself is fast filling out with massed leaves, blooming flowers and colours. Most days I have to prune, dead-head and sweep. Sunshiny areas are as ever, intermittent, and It’s difficult getting the plants that need more sun in the best place for a share of it.

Most June days to 10th have been wet, blowy and cold, resulting in the first flush of spring blooms to scurry away fast … but they are coming back as the inclement weather gradually abates and June expectations reappear..

13.06.2017 … Like the skies, so sweetly picked out by the cameraperson over the Roland Garros courts last weekend, we have followed with this lovely sweep over the roof last night …..

….. and today , for the third day running it has been dry and warm, necessitating watering the garden again with the hose pipe.

I spotted the Vixen and Cub loping through the car park, through the bushes and into the Wreck Sunday evening. The cub following her quite closely.

June 22nd

It’s now past the Summer Solstice and the days should gradually be getting shorter. We have officially completed a Heat Wave, where temperatures yesterday reached a barely bearable 35 degrees with no breath of fresh air in the garden. I water each morning, in an attempt to keep the slugs and snails at bay. The foxes I haven’t seen on camera since the weekend. Last Friday, just before he went to hospital, Dom filled in the entrance to their den on his side of the shed, so this may have been a signal for the cub to find another home. Little birds, amongst them young Titmice of various kinds and young Robins and Blackbirds, come to the water dish by the den.

More flowers bloom each day, and I enjoy welcoming back old friends, even sometimes forgotten returnees, like Jacob’s Ladder, and a pink Clematis.

Once again the front garden room is scented with Privet blossom …. old favourites are back in bloom ….. and I have a healthy-looking Tanacetum, Feverfew, next to the Sweet Cicely.

I did, after all, bring some blue geraniums back from the Pres garden, and they are now flowering, along with couple of pretty blue ‘Night Sky’ petunias I rescued from B&Q!

I am relieved that I didn’t murder all my Penstemons, and now creamy Jasmine, over Dom’s shed and the Arbour, vies with Honeysuckle and Privet for scent.

Last year I had a lot of trouble on the roses with Black Spot, but this year it has almost gone … Am keeping a close eye, ripping off affected leaves and disposing of them in rubbish, and watering largely from underneath , not over the leaves. Buddleia , butterfly bait, is about to burst into bloom ….. which is great as I spotted a swift-fluttering Red Admiral in the heat yesterday!

At last too, there is a Hollyhock. :-)

… and we have fruit … a little … but next year I shall make more effort to get it right!

On 19th, saw frog again … New plants are happy … Roses still lovely.

I loved the way rising sun shone through the red-backed leaves of Begonias this morning [23.06.2017 ]

A short, pink Foxglove has flowered behind Blue Hill, along with another blue geranium near to it….. brilliant!

With a week of June to go … what next?

Anne ….. June 24th 2017

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  1. gertie says:

    Sorry about the wiggle in the middle … gggrrr!!!

  2. A lovely June garden, Anne, complete with wildlife :good:

  3. gertie says:

    Thanks for looking Jane :-) It tickles me how different each month is; and there is always so much to do…I have huge amounts of GW to do next…cutting, pruning, re-arranging alongside the daily sweeping etc. and I would like to have a resident hedgehog, but don’t think GG is big enough and the next doors’ are barren wastes … plastic covered in gravel, and The Wreck!! … no chance. :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Anne, I think your garden is beautiful. Such an array of gorgeous blooms and they all look incredibly healthy. I love all the wild life too. Have you seen anything of the foxes lately?I’m glad you have a little frog again.

  5. gertie says:

    Thanks Cilla :-) We are happy about Courgette too. :good: Haven’t seen the foxes since last weekend, so I think they have emigrated to pastures-new, since Dom filled in one of the three entrances to their Den under his shed, when he restored the little one next to it and started to smooth out the entrance path. I haven’t had the GWC out for a couple of days, so I will re-set it today and see what comes :good: :rose:

  6. Beanstew says:

    I’m so impressed, Anne – not only that you have this huge cornucopia of goodies, but also the eyes to see them with. I’m not surprised the foxes chose your garden to live in – it’s my private theory that animals appreciate the beauty and scent of many plants just as we do. Even Alfie proceeds up the paths here sticking his nose into many plants – and he’s an absolute Phillistine. I used to grow Hollyhocks in Kent, and tried them up here once not very successfully – perhaps I could try them again with global warming if I cleared some space for them? But you have a lovely life-affirming spot – and you deserve it.

  7. gertie says:

    Oh Sheila … thank you :love: :rose:
    Dear little Alfie :love: … reminds me of how Monty used to do the same :rose:

  8. Allan says:

    Nice assortment of colours there Anne and all looking healthy. Credit too you. :rose:

  9. gertie says:

    Thanks Allan :rose: … the plants work very hard to please methinks :lol:

  10. gertie says:

    PS I am a little concerned at the Hollyhock rust and a strange ‘bloom’ on a few :confused: rose leaves … mildew perchance?

  11. Allan says:

    I had hollyhocks once but they got covered in rust every year, I tried everything to get rid of it
    until in the end I dug them out., All my miniature roses have mildew on them where they have been covered by the bedding plants, Some of them are just stalks with a flower on the top. Same with the fuchsias ,I put them all at the back of the bed and I can hardly see them now, Not so many bedding plants next year me thinks. :rose:

    • gertie says:

      I planted a mini rose which had been a house-plant present once…it grew and grew like Topsy, and now it blooms freely on Blue hill every year, and I prune it quite hard …for me ;-) My Fuchsias have gone ballistic this year and will have to be pruned and cuttings taken at the end of flowering this Autumn. Lots of work to do at the end of this season methinks :good: :rose:

  12. Walt says:

    ROSE CLEAR ULTRA does the business…

  13. gertie says:

    I have just come back from shopping Walt and I bought a bottle, on your recommendation … thank you :good: ..will have to use it very carefully tho’ because I don’t want to harm any bees..
    I am frequently out in the dark around midnight, collecting molluscs to take flying lessons in the Wreck, or be tucked into sacks for the Tip. :confused: I’ll be wielding the spray too, whilst the bees are asleep … there are lots about this year.
    It’s a good job that G’s G is tucked out of sight a bit to hide the weird woman there!!!!

  14. shedsue says:

    A perfect garden Anne…Flowers & wildlife…surely that’s what we all strive for :good: :rose: :rose: :rose: (Great photos as always)

  15. gertie says:

    Thank you Susie :love: … I wonder what July will be like :dunno: :fingers-crossed: :rose:

  16. A lovely diary Anne, your garden is a real credit to you, I love walking along your paths. You have such variety of plants and like us all are learning what grows where best, but then that’s the beauty of gardening it’s constantly changing and very forgiving. You have something colour even though you say you have little sunshine. Pleased you have a frog, hopefully she might help with the slug problem. :good: :clover: :rose:

  17. gertie says:

    Frog, Courgette, is well supplied :lol: :good:
    Thanks Lynn …. the paths become narrower and narrower as Summer progresses, but it’s fun ;-) :rose:

  18. dixon says:

    Lovely blossoms gertie, great variety of flowers.

  19. gertie says:

    Thanks Dixon … coming along :good: :rose: and June brought out even more than May :dance: :rose:

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