Burghley House Sculpture Gardens.

June 29th, another year older but no wiser! Lots of lovely messages and cards from my clicker friends, thank you everyone you made the sun shine on a grey, damp miserable day. The day was a little marred when I received a text from my friend over the road to tell me that their 8 month beautiful golden labrador puppy, Ben, had to be put to sleep last night when it was discovered he had a brain tumour. More than a few tears were shed I can tell you. However, the plan was to go to Burghley so we set off after nine. Not far along the route we were stopped as there was a police car parked across the road on a bend and we couldn’t see what the problem was so we managed to turn round and go on a different route. I was beginning to think the day was jinxed. We did finally make it to Stamford so parked and went off for a restorative coffee. Had a wander round the and I bought a top in the Crew shop as my friend had sent me a voucher for my present.

Off to Burghley and into The Orangery restaurant for steak and kidney pie with mustard mash and veggies. It was still dry so we set off to view the sculpture gardens. These photos are of part of the house as you leave the restaurant. We didn’t have time for the house but have been before and it is very opulent.


The sculpture garden was very interesting. This is another Capability Brown garden and parkland so there are no flowers as such but beautiful trees and views. Some of the sculptures were brilliant and some were, quite frankly, naff! Here we are at the beginning of our journey.

Not horses I’m afraid Karen but they were good.

I loved these swans in the lake (the real thing were also there) and the other bits!

By the lake were these two Egyptian geese.

Away from the lake we kept spotting sculptures in all sorts of places.

For some reason I seem to have lost some of the best photos so I am going to leave you with these and go and look for them and do another blog.

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  1. gertie says:

    Well all I can say is if these super pics were not the best, then the others must be extraordinary!
    Super photos Cilla, and a lovely glimpse of what looks like a worthwhile place to visit … [when he’s better :walt: :dance: ]
    Thank you for getting me out to somewhere interesting … it mitigates any stir-crazy feelings that might creep in! :lol:
    I love the wild flower meadow pic and those Egyptian Geese get about these days don’t they! :rose:

  2. VegVamp says:

    What a sad start to your day with the news of your friends pup, awful especially for such a young dog.
    Really enjoyed this Cilla, even if you don’t find the other photos. What a wonderful place, and loved the sculptures and a lovely photo of your OH. The house is indeed very opulent but oh my word that boat house is a corker! :love: Beautiful views and a lovely virtual visit, thank you honey. :good:

  3. cilla says:

    The best is yet to come :lol: I will take you to Stowe in the near future.

  4. Apart from the sad news about the pup, Cilla, you had a fantastic birthday, it seems :cake: :drink: :rose:

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