Teds’ New Pad. ….. Chapter One

Teds’ New Pad.

Chapter One

“Grrahhhh!” roared Tilly Bear, baring her silvered teeth! So began a holiday in Montpellier for some of the Crystal Palace Pads Teds. Anne had been given an early birthday parcel containing a sofa, shelves, cupboards, a bed, floor rugs and other things, all Teds’ Pads size. It was very exciting and straight away the Teds and their friends and family got together and started colouring picture frames, or making themselves comfy on pillows.

In the case of Potter, watched by an admiring October Rose, it was an excuse to try out a new skateboard that Harry had given him. So whilst Harry and Charlie worked, Potter played and October Rose gazed!

Instead of crowding onto the mantelpiece the visiting Teds were able to sit or sprawl in comfort along the garden window ledge, protected from the night air by a shutter and safety screen against midges.

The Teds had a fabulous holiday. Joz became very excited, sitting on Matilda’s shoulder watching her big brother, Harrison, playing rugby for the local team.

At night time they either snuggled with French teddy friends, or slept together on their own, special window ledge.

In the day time, after the shutters were opened to let the early morning sunshine in, they lounged lazily and safely behind the fly screen…..

….. and in the town they met other, very chic French critters who lived behind a window as well.

They watched the antics of two cats, Gypsy and Mikey, in the front garden …..

… and in the back.

Time whizzed by and all too soon they were watching Sadie’s golden hair in wing mirrors as she settled them into the car to drive them to the airport …..

… past the blue Borage by the corner, and on to the motorway.

There, at the airport, Sadie and Charlie waved “Au revoir!” until the next time they would meet, and the Teds waved them wistfully away.

They were en route for home, and taking their New Pad with them!


Anne ….. April-June, 2017,


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  1. cilla says:

    Well I don’t know Anne, those teds lead a more colourful life than any of us……..and all for free ;-) :-)

  2. Beanstew says:

    Think Cilla may have hit the nail on the head in the above comment – mind you, she zooms about all over the place visiting superior houses and gardens. It’s bad enough feeling that I may be leading a much less colourful and less interesting life than Cilla – but feeling that I am on the outside with my nose pressed enviously against the window pane, to watch the antics of a bunch of cosmopolitan teddy bears is almost more than flesh can bear. Shall go and read a book about the head waters of the Amazon – but well-documented, Anne.

  3. gertie says:

    The world of Teds is a useful one to visit Sheila. Must admit it cheers me up … they are lucky Teds :-)
    Thank you for reading and commenting, tho’ I take issue with what you say about your less interesting life Sheila. I hear what you say, but in my imagination, your Scottish garden, Alfie and his stubborn grip on :devil: antics and your wonderful sense of humour, keep me going I can tell you! … and on a personal note [how very dare I ? :shout: ] I think you look great in those photos of the G visit….wish I had white hair like yours, it’ lovely! :love: [ there, I said it!!] :rose:

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