Japan gave us F1 seed, so they may be on to something. The article is very vague, what if any dilution rate ?, how often ? and how much. Recently there has been information on using vinegar as a weed killer. Does the plant live if its malt vinegar? and die if its distilled vinegar?
To save water loss the plant would need to have some form of hibernation. When the weather is hot plants in the Black Country start to sweat, else where I believe they perspire. Now if they are losing moisture and its not being replaced then they are going to die, its simple transpiration as moisture goes out of the ends of the leave new moisture is sucked through the fine roots to replace it. Every one who grows tomatoes in a green house knows that on very hot days the plants look very sorry for their selves even though they have water. They are loosing moisture faster than they can take it up, large cabbage do the same, but as the evening cools the plant returns to normal. The question I am asking , is the workings of plants that have evolved and over thousands have years to work by transpiration suddenly going to change after a drink of vinegar?

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  1. gertie says:

    Interesting points Tony, but maybe worth some experimentation? :rose:

  2. SIMONDO says:

    A open comment ..not addressed to anyone.
    If its going in the water you give plants anyway , then save the water from evaporating from the soil as much as you can ..mulch !!. This Vinegar thing is somewhere between a Looooong stretch of the imagination and total ..Bull.. as far as i’m concerned. More Trendy tosh to fill column space in mags and blogs that encourages the one who is hungry for answers above and beyond the simple ways that plants survive . Just be..” more vigilant with water ” storage and usage”.. if some things dont make it so be it. Concentrate on crops you really want and “DON’T” plant the wrong sort of plants/crop that you can not sustain….right plants in the right places . If there is a “major” water shortage due to a full on drought that makes any long term problem ….then its not just the plants we need to be bothering with as it means the hole worlds weather has changed . My 2 penny worth ….carry on :SantaSimon:

  3. VegVamp says:

    I seem to remember something about giving the acid loving plants, Rhodos, azaleas and such, a dilute watering of vinegar now and again, but that was simply as an acid boost. Is there some news about a different use for vinegar Tony?

  4. dandlyon says:

    Shelia motioned it this morning, the Japanese are making small claims that vinegar can help plants through periods of drought

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