Malham Cove, Yorkshire.


The whole reason I booked a break at Settle was that OH had seen Julia Bradbury doing one of her walks round Malham Cove, on television, and said he wanted to go there. The day after we arrived the weather looked set to be dry and not too warm so off we went to explore Malham Cove. We saw it before we arrived and it was certainly impressive. Another view on the other side of the road.

We parked and found someone to tell us where the walk started.

These lovely drystone walls everywhere. Getting closer now.

I knew the RSPB were at the cove with scopes targeted on the Peregrine Falcons who nest there. For some reason we thought they would be at the top but, on reflection, you would have to hang over the cliff to see them! Thankfully they were at the bottom  as there are 400 stone steps to climb to reach the top and the limestone pavement……next time we will do that walk. One of the volunteers showed us the female perched on a branch near the top of the cliff. He told us to try putting our lens over the scope eyepiece………ha ha

Can you see her? No, I thought not. Luckily I captured her with my camera on full zoom.

Not brill but better than ‘nowt! Beautiful birds, the fastest birds in the world. The pair had fledged 3 babies and they were going further afield. They were the ones we saw the day before circling over a crag. We had an interesting chat to another volunteer and exchanged bird stories. When he found out where we lived he said that he and his friend were coming down here to see the 7 bee eaters which have made their home in a quarry a couple of miles from here, along with sand martens. Anyway, I digress. We retraced our steps and went back to the car for our sandwiches.

On our walk back through the village we spotted this chap and further along I saw this sign and took the photo for our Hayley as she has her very own Dingle Dell.

Leaving the car in the car park we set off to find Janet’s Foss, as instructed by Shedsue when she knew where we were going. It is a waterfall. The path was an easy one and halfway along we saw this baby vole who was extremely friendly.

We came into woodland with the beck running through it. Hardly any people about on this walk so far

Above, a money tree. We came across quite a few of these. I was looking for a dipper as it was ideal situation…..and lo and behold……

It must have been a baby as it sat there for about 20 minutes by which time more people came along and photographed it. Here is Janet’s Foss, the waterfall.

Leaving the falls we climbed quite a steep, very slippery (most of the stones are limestone which do get slippery when wet)path and emerged at the top where we saw a refreshments van. OH bought us a (polystyrene) cup of tea and we had a sit down where this chaffinch perched nearby. The tea was so hot we ended up throwing it away, it was scalding…..we should have asked for more milk I suppose! 

With scalded lips we carried on towards Gordale Scar our final destination. We passed the beck which was full of watercress.

Just above the beck we saw the young peregrines circling but I just couldn’t focus enough to get a photo. A southern Irish family were also looking at them so we had a friendly chat about various places we knew. Rounding the corner we reached the scar.

Apparently there is a footpath up to the top and Sue climbed it when she was younger…..wowser! We met some lovely people on the way back to the car, a Scottish couple who live in Hampshire and had been travelling round in their Motorhome since April! An Australian couple stopped to ask us what the falls of stone were….it was scree. Back in the woodland we saw this “green woodpecker”.

Back on the path we saw the vole again, there were actually two of them, really cute. This one climbed on to my boot.

On the road again and off to Malham Tarn. This horse was posing on top of a hilltop.

This was a beautiful peaceful place and we walked to the water’s edge and just looked…..and breathed the air.

On the way back to the car a couple came along who were going wild swimming….brrrrr! I was falling in love with Yorkshire, such awe inspiring scenery.




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  1. gertie says:

    I’ll say Cilla :-) …what a wonderful excursion :shout: … lovely pictures which capture the magic perfectly :good: dry stone walls, lovely spaces, beautiful birds and dear little voles to itemise just a bit of what you experienced that day. A breath-taking blog … thank you Cilla :rose:

  2. What a gorgeous place, Cilla! I love Yorkshire – so green and interesting of course. Fab to see the wildlife. Absolutely lovely read :good:

  3. dandlyon says:

    Thanks for the trip Cilla, stunning country

  4. Beanstew says:

    I read this Cilla, and studied all of your excellent photographs – and I suddenly knew exactly why you go off on these jaunts. It’s so lucky for me that you document it so well, and I can experience it 2nd hand. Thankyou.

  5. Allan says:

    Brilliant set of pics Cill. :good:

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