Quirky! …. A Ted Tale of Bods


A Ted Tale of Bods.

When Teds go to Somerset, they meet all sorts of interesting and highly colourful Bods. These two ‘Beaky Critters’ were sitting together on the front windowsill when the Swiss Teds saw them. They looked quite fiercesome, but really they were just kindly, pretty things, who delighted in company, and they chatted to the Teds.

Sometimes critters don’t look like how they really are, do they?

There’s a saying:- “Things are not always as they first appear!”*

The Beaky Critters and the Swiss Teds chatted together for ages!

The Beaky Critters listened really well to the talkative Teds.

… and who on Earth is this?

It was another Bod that the Teds met in Somerset, which was clearly a friend of Hermione’s.

They later found out that it answered to the name of Baggy!

Baggy Bod was splendid and used to help Hermione to carry lots of things to and from school, before a bigger baggy thing, not half so interesting, arrived on the scene. The new, purpled bag didn’t even chat. Baggy thought it must be tired as it worked quite hard every day. Ah well …..

In the local church, Teds found a flowery duck amongst the floral displays. It was very pretty and they chatted to it before leaving the church.

That visit to Somerset was a fascinating one, and when the Teds arrived home to CPPads they found another surprise Bod awaiting them ….. Theodore!

Theodore had come all the way from Switzerland, from their friend, Dorly.

Theodore soon settled in and was the focus of attention. He told them stories from Switzerland and they gave him a little house to settle in.

It used to be in the old Pads Garden …..

… but now it is in the heart of the Pads, next to the football pitch, where Theodore can watch his friends, Henri and Didier, score goals! He has other ceramic Teds to chat with too; he’s a happy Ted.

The latest newcomer to the Pads is Syd, a painted-on-wooden-block Fox, from the Glastonbury Festival. He is friends with local foxes in Gertie’s Garden.

One morning, one of those foxes was sleeping on top of the Garden shed.

From its soft, furry ears it was thought to be the fox cub who was born under another shed in the garden, and whose Vixen mother nourished and tended it until it was grown up. Foxley, the CPPads Head Gardener, first saw Syd when he appeared in the Pads Garden one day, attracting quite a crowd of curious Teds!

There is a growing number of foxy Teds at the Pads.,,,

Naturally, being largely late night and early morning critters, they tend to have many friends amongst the Hedgehog and Owl Teds.

You all know that Hedgeley is Joint Chief Gardener at the Pads with Foxley, and Hedgely is good at flower science … he knows these things. He and Foxley are always tickled when newcomer Owl and Hedgehog Teds join the Community. Can you spot Miss Haversham Hedgehog Ted with a friend? …..

….. and if you look closely you can espy Spike too!

There are many quirky critters at the CPPads, and they meet many other quirky critters on their travels, which makes life great fun for them.

Do you remember the Maze in Part Three of Teds’ New Pad? …. here it is …..

… well did any of you, Dear Readers, spot the odd one out in the Maze pictures?

* “Things are not always as they first appear!”

Anne ….. July 2017.

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  1. cilla says:

    I’ve said it before but those teds lead a much richer and varied life than we do. If they keep adopting strays you will need to move to larger quarters, Anne! I love that flowery duck. :-)

  2. Beanstew says:

    I want a Baggy Bod to keep me company (and carry some stuff) – but if I lived at the Pads, I would have to be the Pads Hermit (stuck away in an odd corner) because I find it utterly impossible to remember everyone’s name……sob….

    • gertie says:

      Don’t weep Sheila … so do I ;-) . It occurred to me the other day, when writing about the Teds, that some of them could have ‘name-changing’ names … picking up on the name of the day to suit them. That way Aged Memories could have much more fun! :confused:
      As I write this I can hear Goldfinches twittering in the Privet outside my window :lol: :rose:

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