Gertie’s Garden … Mid-July 2017.

Gertie’s Garden … Mid-July 2017.

14th … Fresh Peace came into the garden and was immediately dispatched to Somerset, home with Louis! 15th … The evening sky was a bit wild!

16th … likewise at 05.22 the next morning!

Blue Hill is blue with re-emerging Campanula, Rozanne Geraniums, and blooming Borage. Night Sky Petunias continue to bloom, one from a cutting off the first two!

Old Geraniums with coloured leaves are re-blooming … I love these.

There are some gorgeous deep red Pelargoniums by the old bench … and that rusty smudge in the middle of the photo is an out-of-focus spider!   Have been noticing that very young spiders are all practising web-building across the garden paths, and I have to gently move them to one side, with words of admonishment and re-encouragement to spin elsewhere! ;-)

… the first [and possibly, only!] Crocosmia is flowering?

It’s mad out there!

This morning I watered and this evening I gave the Nasturtiums outside a drink as well. I cut out the brambles growing in the wrong place and gave extra water to the beans and Hydrangeas. I shall leave the Rhubarb for this first year. When I first bought it and divided the large Haulm into two I lost a plant. One’s now growing in its own big pot… must take advice on over-wintering ….. had good advice from Clicker friends.

17th July ….. It’s exactly one month since Dom had his knee op.

When I went into G’sG this morning, expecting to be disappointed by the lack of my tender care and the wild growth everywhere … I felt instead, “It’s lovely out here … I must come more often!” It doesn’t get a daily sweep/vacuum clean, but nevertheless, the air, the colour and freshness all surrounded me as it should … I liked it … so did a big Bumble Bee.

There are still lots of pretty things in the garden … and new flowers are settling well.

July 18th …how time flies!!!

Had to water the garden again this morning and am sure it will need an even better soaking tomorrow … maybe it will rain again?… 19th, it did, overnight. Soaking rain makes all the difference.

Cut off the dying Buddleia, disturbed by the Fox or the rat moving his trap[?].

Pulled out an unwanted bramble and uprooted a bit of Jacob’s Ladder by mistake, so trimmed off the drying seed head and re-plated that bit on Blue Hill … hope it takes.

Trimmed back bits around both garden rooms, including some more Winter Honeysuckle, Lonicera Fragrantissima, and moved the pot containing the pink variegated leaved Fuchsia to make room for the burgeoning Japanese Anemones. NB Variegated leaf needs regular trimming to stop it reverting!

The new Geranium Rozanne is blossoming on Blue Hill. It has rounder, more compact flowers than the resident Rozanne. Hope it spreads well.

There are intrepid, hopeful, baby spiders everywhere :-)

Housework went out of the window and I spent a busy afternoon in the garden. I topped the unruly Ribe/etc. Hedge: re-tied up tomatoes and Thornless blackberries: swept; moved very heavy pots! Re-potted more Tomato plants: fed tomato plants! Have tiny tomatoes!!! yeah!

A teasel has wound its way through a lot of overhead growth and is flowering …. pretty!

There’s still lots of tidying to do: places to be found for bins etc.

Whilst cutting and trimming down the Hedge I found this nest hiding there … long empty, ….. Robin or Blackbird? I think Robin; it has used all sorts of stuff from around the garden baskets :-)

The new pink rose [haven’t a clue what name] is blooming again … it’s deliciously delicate.

The pink Clematis still has a few blooms left over around the crowded Arbour.

I dead-headed the old sage a few months ago and it’s now coming back.

Snowy whites light up the Inglenook, along side the pink trailing Geraniums …..

Spiders are growing fast! Autumn looms very soon … as I said, how time flies!

Trailing Ivy Geraniums look pretty in the Holly tree, and there is still Peace.

Anne ….. 20th July … 2017

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  1. gertie says:

    Huh! There’s always one ennit :lol:

  2. Ambersparkle says:

    What a beautiful Garden. x You can see how much Love has gone into it. x A real Feast for the Eyes.

  3. gertie says:

    Thank you Tina…I shall treasure your words :love: :rose:

  4. dixon says:

    Lovely photos once again gertie. :good: The vacant plot next to me has lots of borage spreading like wildfire, great for attracting the bees. :-)

  5. Missed this, Anne – lovely, as ever :good: Blackbirds pack their nest with mud; wrens have fairly loose nests and robins nest fairly close to the ground – just some tips for the next ones you find ;-) Love the teasel – it will seed itself with a little help from the birds ;-)

    • gertie says:

      That’s helpful, thanks Jane: I knew about the Blackbirds and their mud-packing, but wasn’t sure about the others. It’s quite big for a Wren I think and about shoulder-height so It could be Robin, or Wren as it’s quite loose [a good word for untidy ;-) ] Would who/whatever re-use it next season do you think, or do they start afresh?
      The Teasel was magnificent Jane …thank you :rose:

  6. Beanstew says:

    Tremendously impressed not only with these pictures of your garden Anne, but also with the idea of gently re-siting spider’s webs so that they do not come to harm. I know I would simply have blundered through, wouldn’t have seen them, and would have destroyed them unwittingly. Somehow, this care comes through in the photographs, although I have no idea how you do that either.

  7. gertie says:

    :lol: You are funny Sheila but I like you ;-) thank you. :love:
    I am so impressed with those garden spiders, and they are very beautiful as well as industrious but I go very carefully, for myself as well as for them, as I don’t like coming indoors again not only with low-flying twigs in my hair, but crawling insects too :shout: :lol:

  8. Allan says:

    I have the white borage ,Anne,It has self seeded now,So I’ll send you some small plants when they germinate in the spring. :rose:

  9. gertie says:

    Oh lovely … thank you Allan :-) …. that would be great :good: I shall look forward to that :rose:

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