A walk around the garden: part 2

Here I’m about to walk down the path that has the ditch to the west and goes to the southern boundary. My shed is to my right but you can’t see it.

The western path on the right

Down the path I can see the purple clematis whose climbing frame, made from old branches, has been blown almost flat by the prevailing westerly winds.

Birch, oak and clematis

If I look back a bit further on, I can see my shed and the house in the distance and the oak to the right.

Looking back to the north

In line with the clematis on my left, the path gets a little narrow.

Path to south

I go a bit further and to the right, the ditch is open. I maintain a gap on the farmer’s side so that the tractor can get to our sceptic tanks close by here.

West ditch

Slightly further along the path you can see a still growing, fallen old willow in the ditch. From here to the south boundary, the ditch is completely wild and only the badger, fox, pheasant and occasional deer go down there. It’s heavily overgrown with ivy. I moved the ferns you can see from other parts of the garden.

Willow in ditch

This is my big woodpile that you can just see the edge of on the left of the previous photo. On the right is the remains of an old apple tree that the great spotted woodpecker still has a go at from time to time.

The wood pile

A bit further on and you can see the south boundary. There is a deep ditch immediately beyond my hedge but this belongs to a neighbour; however, I do go in it to clear out the goosegrass to keep it out of my garden! In the left of the photo is the frame for my summer raspberries, the dead brown stuff in the middle was pretty cow parsley, and the screen to the right is hiding my four compost bins and pile of leaf mould.

View of the end of the garden

I now make my way back northwards till I get to the house.

The house from the west path

Shall we walk around the pond?

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  1. Thankyou Jane, for taking me around your fab garden, I will have to look at the garden 1 again then this one to get my bearings, I have enough trouble with right& lefts, so with north,west etc!!! It looks even more out in the middle of know where than we are :-) :good: how long have you lived there? It’s a real wildlife haven :good: a walk around the pond would be good plus your veg plot or have I missed that?? :rose:

    • Thank you Lynn and I hope you might do the same sort of walk for us sometime :-) We’ve been here 6.5 years now. I didn’t touch the garden for the first year to see what grew but now I’m tweaking it a bit ;-) I haven’t included any of the veg beds so you haven’t missed them :lol:

  2. Allan says:

    Out of choice Jane,That would be my type of garden,I wouldn’t be changing much, :good:

  3. cilla says:

    Loving it Jane, especially your wooded bit. Dashing off to look at the pond now :good:

  4. Beanstew says:

    Must confess I am wildly disorientated, but that’s probably because I am the kind of person who needs a floorplan from the estate agent. But it doesn’t really matter a jot – because even if I’m a bit lost, I’m lost in a bosky glade where “garden plants” have been introduced judiciously, and the overall feeling is of peace and the gentle hum of man and nature co-existing as they can, when the humans concerned are sensitive. This is a joy, Jane.

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