July Theme ….. Look To the Sky … photo competition.

July Theme

Look To the Sky

I looked at all the photos over and over again, and they all meet the criteria I was searching for namely …

Appropriate focus

Clarity of purpose,

Adherence to the subject

Good composition … [with but a few exceptions]

I liked ALL the pictures, without exception ….. but had to choose one poor soul to run next month’s competition … so I carefully narrowed it down …..

First choices …..

Second choices …..

Third choices …..

Fourth choices ….

I then asked a second opinion, and narrowed it down further to ….

And now I have to choose one.

By a pipsqueak I choose …..

The Weather One Day , by Jane NT.

Thank you everybody who entered  … I really loved looking at the variety of photos and wished I had taken most of them myself .

Jane you now have the exciting, interesting, and unenviable task of setting and judging next month’s competition … over to you and good luck!   :rose:




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  1. karenp says:

    Can see how it’s difficult to do, well done Anne though :good: :-)

  2. gertie says:

    I still love your flags Karen … could I use/poach them in a Ted Tale do you think, please? :cute: :rose:

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