Oh Ye Gods and Fishes!

Oh Ye Gods and Fishes!

We went for a walk around the Triangle at Crystal Palace: I took my camera and was pleased that I did. They are just everyday pavements and walls aren’t they? … been there for donkeys’ years! … but what pretty patterns!!

This was our walk ….. that is, what we walked on …..

En route we looked at windows and things …..

… patterns everywhere!

Around the corner, popping into Poundland on the way … noticed the Blue Discs that have been put up! … then a distant view down a side road, of London Town!

Along Westow Hill I looked for more -or less- familiar patterns …..

… noticing that some are gradually falling away on un-cared for buildings with old “For Sale” notices on them …  :bad:

Then, back at the corner where we started, we crossed over by the Traffic Lights and walked into the Crystal Palace Park from whence we saw buses, and viewed wild bits. old ruins, renovated old ruins, wide vistas and …..

[poor thing   :disappointed: ]

… more patterns in the familiar, arched walls at the back of the Station.

From there we trod the surprisingly patterned pavements outside the shops …..

… and trudged back up our hill, in the company of our good friend and neighbour, Maria, [who had just emerged from Tesco’s with an armful of flowers,]  and home to the delights of Downstairs’ front garden flowers, and our own scruffy, wild, green, happy garden!


Anne ….. 4th August 2017



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  1. cilla says:

    How interesting Anne, you are so good at noticing things that most of us just pass by and you’ve definitely won the competition ;-) It is such a shame that these old buildings are falling into decay after the love and craftsmanship that went in to creating them. Thank you for another insight into the diverse places in London. :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Ye gods and fishes ! I hope not Cilla! :lol:
    It was such a lovely walk…we’ve been so lazy recently and decided to get out and do something simply different whilst catching up with exercising our knacketty knees :lol: It was fun :good: :rose:

  3. 10/10 for pattern spotting, Anne :good:

  4. gertie says:

    :lol: :good: Jane … I do like a bit of fun ;-) So much to see anew, too … We have yourself and Tony, with his local views , to thank for this one ;-) :rose:

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