40th wedding anniversary

Today  6th August is officially our 40 the wedding anniversary. We had a garden party yesterday, about 40 mins before the sky turned black and we had thunder then a torrential downpour and rain for over an hour, so tablecloths were quickly brought in and as our guests arrived we were all between the conservatory,kitchen and dining room. But being British we would not be defeated, so we welcomed everyone, and our son’s Matt & Ben manned the Barby in jackets and a large umbrella, no pic though!! But then the sun came out, and so tablecloths and guests all went into the garden.

Friends old and new and Ben son no2on the right.

Oldest friend from Dorset & her hubby, plus OH in the middle.

Ben son no 2 in blue shirt on the right, we felt very honoured as he, Well his partner ironed his shirt!! Cilla would have been proud also.

Matt eldest son,  ( Max’s dad) chatting with french guest.

This was the buffet, just the savoury part, we had fruit salad, strawberries, with cream and mini lemon meringue & brownies, then mini Victoria sandwiches all 40 of them!!

A few had been eaten before I remembered to take a pic, so you will have to use your imagination for the 40!

Son no 1 and friend. Who supplied all the bunting & most of the tables, chairs, tablecloth & tea urn.

Grandson no 2 Max.

Sam& Max

Little french guest with daughter in law Helen.

Kids having fun.

Impromptu bee experience for Mum & daughter.

It was a very special day spent with lovely people who all got on with lots of memories made and pics taken.

So to this morning before everyone was up and the rota for the shower was in place I had a game of elephant skittles with grandson in our PJ’s!

Probably not the most glamorous of pics, so it won’t be on the front page of any fashion magazine anytime soon, but it will be one of my favs, with two of my most fav young people


We then all managed hot showers. To finish or start the day we had breakfast in the garden, coffee, crossiants, and homemade plum jam, with sunshine and blue skies. A perfect end to a lovely family time.

So we have attempted a tidy up, the garden and house looked like a cross  between Glastonbury and a squat but I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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  1. The first caption should be underneath first pic!!

  2. cilla says:

    It all looked like a perfect day Lynn. Lots of happy photos and memories for you :love: :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Oh Lynn … that was lovely :love: so glad it went well despite … or maybe because of the rain shower!! :lol: Nightnight :lol: :sleepy: :yawn: :rose:

  4. Lovely memories for you, Lynn and thanks for sharing (pictures of) the lovely little cakes :lol: Happy anniversary!

  5. VegVamp says:

    Just been catching up Lynn, what a wonderful day you had. A perfect way to celebrate, by building more memories. Happy Anniversary to you both. :rose:

  6. Jenn says:

    Oh Lynn – what a fabulous day…many, many congratulations. It looks like a fantastic party spent with all the people important to you. Belated anniversary wishes to you lovely pair :love: :love: :love: :rose: :rose: :rose: :drink: :drink: :drink:

  7. Thankyou Jenn, we were so pleased it went so well :good: :-)

  8. dixon says:

    Looks like a great get together Lynn. Congratulations and many more to come. :rose:

  9. karenp says:

    What an absolutely perfect anniversary for you both, lovely memories to cherish too :-) :good:

  10. Hayley says:

    Late to the party here Lynn but a big shout HAPPY 40th ANNIVERSARY to you both, a ruby, perfect for the summer garden.
    Love your family pictures and the warmth you convey in your narrative.
    Families are never simple and we work to come together when we can. All credit to yours that you enjoyed this time together.
    Thank you for sharing the happiness of your day with us too, inspirational and heartwarming. :love: :rose:

  11. Beanstew says:

    I could just feel the happiness jumping out of my laptop as I read this, Lynn – and an ideal way to celebrate what you and OH have achieved in all the years together. I think that photograph of you and the grandchildren in PJs is absolutely beautiful – would be perfect if OH was in it too – but he was possibly taking the snap. Congratulations to both of you – we all know the long hard slog to earn times like this, and you have.

    • Thankyou Shelia, it was a day full of love and happiness. :love: :rose:
      OH isn’t in the pic as he was still in bed after being awaken by Sam & Max, jumping on the airbed and Max tickling his feet which were hanging out of the bed :giggle:
      Have been sent some more with OH & son’s, so do a shorter blog. :good:

  12. shedsue says:

    Many congratulations to you both :rose: xx

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