Gertie’s Garden Diary. ….. August Arrives and Teds Lend a Hand!

Gertie’s Garden Diary.

August Arrives and Teds Lend a Hand!

High against the sky, spikes of pink Buddleia waved in a gentle breeze, but where were the butterflies?

Down below, Muffin Ted was admiring another pink flower, a Fuchsia.

The pink Fuchsia was swinging in the breeze above Muffin’s head, as she lay in the soft, stripy grass below.

Teds were in Gertie’s Garden to help Anne with feeding and watering Tomatoes and Beans, and they were looking around.

Whilst Muffin was gazing up at the dancing pink flowers, big Molasses Ted had taken tiny Amethyst Ted to a little Herb Garden where Amethyst was looking up at a mauve Mint flower.

“It’s almost the same colour as me!” she said, “And the leaves smell spicy!”

“Hmm, almost your colour, but paler!” said Molasses.

Meanwhile, over in another corner of the garden, Muffin had found more frothy, pink petals. “What are these?” she called.

“Those are Hydrangeas”, whispered wise old Pink Clematis from the tangled depths of vines crawling all over the Arbour!

Pink Clematis was very old and had been hiding in the Arbour vines since June, when it had been a very handsome flower indeed.

Darker pink flowers, Carmine-coloured Penstemons …

… and up in the trees, Red Roses, shone in the sunlight.

Ursula Ted sat in the top of another Fuchsia bush listening to the soft ringing of dozens of slim, Red Fuchsia Bells waving in the wind.

Allan’s International Runner Beans, were at long last, flowering well with bright orange-red blossoms, and even when Bees weren’t around to pollinate them, there were many flies of different kinds buzzing about!

Quackers Ted, wearing his stripey hat to keep his head cool in the sun, and warm in the wind, directed the hose pipe spray onto the beans, to give them a good, long drink. Cranberry Ted helped by sitting on the hosepipe head to steady it.

They both watched in fascination as the spraying water skipped over the leaves and sank into the soft soil.

The beans sighed softly and thanked the Teds for their long, long drink: they were very thirsty plants.

Over in the corner, the Hydrangeas also said thank you, as they too dried out often, and then wilted to show Anne that they were thirsty. It was amazing how quickly they revived.

At the far end of the garden, a benchful of tomato plants was likewise calling out for water and food, so Ursula and Tangerine Ted took the hosepipe with them and climbed the vines to look at the baby tomatoes as the plants were fed and watered.

Ursula and Tangerine Ted


The intrepid climbers were delighted with all the baby tomatoes and called to Quackers to come and see them too.

“Wow, nice!” quacked Quackers!

“Why are they all so small and green? When I eat tomatoes I have big, red ones,” said Ursula.

“Well,” said Quackers, “When the tomatoes are babies they are green, like the stems that carry them, but when they grow up some of them redden in the sunshine. Some grow big and some stay little. It depends on which Families they come from. They are all sweet and tasty whatever they look like.”

Under the watchful eyes of a shadowy Garden Spider, Carter Ted said hello to re-emerging White Campanula flowers …

… and water-dimpled Lady’s Smock with its frilly, yellow blossoms.

Around him were other yellow blooms, some in amongst the dark, purple berries of the Black Elder by the Arbour; and Potentilla, next to fragrant Rosemary.

There were even a few, blue Sage blooms amongst the old stems left to prune.

On their way back to the CPPads indoors, they collected more ripe seed pods for their friend in Lincolnshire, and they stopped to top up the bottles of liquid food for the tomatoes and beans.

Ursula and TT looked at Hollyhock seeds free from their pods

… and Amethyst inspected their neat little seed packets too.

All the Ted friends declared it a good afternoon’s work, posed for a picture …..

… then traipsed back to the Pads to tell their other friends all about their gardening afternoon.

A Story for Ione, by Anne ….. 07.08.2017

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  1. cilla says:

    Another lovely story Anne. I must start looking at my garden through ted’s eyes instead of taking it for granted. You have some lovely flowers.

  2. gertie says:

    Thanks Cilla :love:
    :giggle: Maybe you need a Ted or two to help? ;-) :rose:

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