Stoneywell. Arts and Crafts Cottage

This blog is especially for Sheila, two weeks late as my computer has been on the blink.

OH’s cousin and husband came here for coffee and then we drove them to Stoneywell, an arts and crafts cottage, taken over by The National Trust. The first building is the stable block where the tiny shop and cafe are housed.

We walked through the gardens and saw the volunteers working in the kitchen garden.

As we wound our way round the gardens we caught glimpses of different aspects of the cottage,

Our very enthusiastic, but rather scatty guide, met us at the door and gave a brief history of the cottage before leading us into the kitchen/dining room. As we went over two weeks ago I am a bit hazy on details.

Off the kitchen was a little pantry full of memories from that time.

Up a few steps was the dining room cum lounge. Note the bookshelves high up on the wall.

Leading out of this room were these very narrow steep stone steps which led to the master bedroom. This cottage was built into the stone as you can see by all its quirky ups and downs, tiny windows and curving walls.

This wardrobe was for both occupants of the bedroom! Later another small wardrobe was added at the other end of the bedroom.

This cot is a replica

of the original made by one of the volunteers.

More bedrooms


The sanitory arrangements!

View from one of the windows before stepping down to the nursery.

Another small flight of stairs to take us to the attic room……I would have loved to have slept up here.

That was our 4th visit as friends have all wanted to see it but there is always something we missed on a previous visit. I hope you enjoyed it.



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  1. gertie says:

    How lovely Cilla :rose: I am guessing it feels as good as it looks there :walt: :rose:

  2. What a fantastic house, Cilla – I think I’d love it… but there must be an awful lot of dusting! The garden looks lovely too. Lovely shots :-)

  3. cilla says:

    It is a fascinating place. If you google Stoneywell National Trust, it gives you a brief history.

  4. Hayley says:

    Fascinating and beautiful Cilla! Our home is turn of the century too and I could see many quirky bits in Stoneywell which we have here too. On my bucket list to visit, lovely garden too. :-)

  5. cilla says:

    I shall be taking you, that’s for sure ;-)

  6. What a great place to visit, I would go back time after time, I find houses like that so interesting,great blog, thankyou for sharing :good: :rose:

  7. Beanstew says:

    What an interesting house this is, with all the natural constraints on it’s design. I can see why it is classified as “Arts and Crafts”, but I was really expecting much more intricate/colourful internal decoration – but the white walls do emphasise the simplicity of the furniture, and the way the plasterwork echoes the building’s nooks and crannies. You have surprised me with this one, Cilla – must revise my ideas about Arts and Crafts.

  8. VegVamp says:

    Another cracking Blog Cilla, and somewhere else I would love to visit. The outside really does belie the quirkiness of the inside! Fascinating, and a great read. :good:

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