Gertie’s Garden Diary … August 2017

Gertie’s Garden Diary … August 2017

At the beginning of the month Teds helped in the garden ;-) and found colour all around.

From today, 17.08.2017, those colours are still there … and more.

Hellebores are re-blooming … very strange for August? …

… and there are beans, blackberries and green [as yet] tomatoes. We have had two meals from beans so far … they are delicious; and we ate some of the blackberries cooked with some chopped up apples from ‘Uncle-man’s’ garden … tasty!

I wonder if the tomatoes will redden whilst we are in Normandy and whether there will be any left when we return: may find out how to make Green Tomato Chutney! Pretty , blue Geraniums are still scattered about Blue Hill.

A small bouquet of GG flowers I sent back to Somerset with son, Jann, shows a grand variety of colours still around the garden …

Garden Spiders are blocking the narrow pathways , despite being urged to spin along sideways!

… and of course, there is Peace.

Anne ….. 18.08.2017.

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  1. VegVamp says:

    What a glorious riot of colour Anne, just gorgeous and a credit to you. :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    Thank you Karen, tho’ the credit goes to the long-suffering flowers really :lol: they just keep on blooming blooming :lol: :walt: :dance: :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    Ditto Karen, Anne. You have some beautiful roses :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    Thanks Cilla … I do love the roses :rose:

  5. dixon says:

    Lovely show gertie……..very thoughtful bouquet :rose:

  6. gertie says:

    That’s kind of you Dixon … it was for our oldest Granddaughter who had just received very good A-level results and her Mum, our d-in-l.
    My Granddad used to let me pick flowers when we visited him and I wandered around his pretty, fragrant garden … and it was something I loved to have, that scented bouquet :rose:

  7. We could do with more Peace everywhere, Anne :rose: Gorgeous set of pics :good:

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