A really Lovely Day chez le Pres.

A really Lovely Day chez le Pres.

A familiar misty morning greeted us on Saturday. Blackbird was back in the early morning grass.

We motored to Flers. The crazy Iron Man was still guarding his factory gate outside Athis-de L’Orne, and flags fluttered over the first Flers roundabout.

The roundabout opposite Flers railway Station was planted with sunny floral yellows and golds …..

… around the Station were beds of blueblueblue   :-)

We shopped in Flers, and were amazed at the number of families that had taken out their picnic chairs and tables, parked themselves in the Car Park, and proceeded to eat their midday feasts … yes, actually in the Car park; some using a parking place with their vehicle parked across it J

There were tables and benches set outside too, especially for picnicking, but these were completely ‘au soleil’ and not picked up until all the ‘desres’ car parking places had been filled!

Outside one supermarket were extraordinarily colourful benches: …..

Inside another store were very colourful chairs!   Interesting   :mad:


From the peculiarities of French shops in Flers we drove back through the countryside to Athis. Note how the chair colours echo the flower displays!

There are flowers all around; wild and cultivated.

The Square in the centre of Athis is always busy, and always pretty, dominated by the tall Gothic church building where the doors are usually open.

… It’s also a good place to go for decent bread as there are two or three Boulangeries around the Square … take your pick!

It was a pleasant drive home, but that wasn’t the end of this lovely day …..

… Keep your seats, there’s more to come soon, the part that made my day.


Anne ….. end of the first part.









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  1. gertie says:

    Clarification one: The carpark was a supermarket car park.
    Clarification two: The Church in Athis is nineteenth century Gothic.

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