Pruning the Rose chez The Pres.

Pruning the Rose chez The Pres.

When we arrived here a week ago, graceful arching branches around the overgrown garden made a pleasing impact on the eyes, but the roses were full of dead blooms that needed cutting off, and it was quickly apparent that a lot of cutting was overdue!

I have collected the ripe hips with the intention of possibly cooking them for rose hip syrup: Mummy and I made some here one year and it was delicious. I may not …..

Yesterday it poured with rain all day long but today, it was sunny and dry all morning, with rain later in the afternoon. I decided to hard prune the roses. Over the years my brother has carefully tied them back with tough wire and it was quite a job undoing and untangling the wire and the stems … the rose has ferocious prickles!

In the best ‘Monty Don’ fashion I steeled myself to be ruthless, with encouragement from Dom I must admit, and cut back far more than I initially intended [or did I?]

He then started re-wiring the wall with straight wires from one side to the other to hold back and support the rose stems. So far the bottom wire is fitted. Rain stopped play and the rest will be fitted tomorrow if it’s dry. I have stuck in some treated fresh stems to see if they will sprout; if they do, great! If not, I haven’t lost anything by trying. It currently looks very bleak … time will tell.

So far, so bleak!

Anne ….. 31.08.2017.

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  1. cilla says:

    Goodness Anne, you were brave but it will be very happy to regenerate especially if you give it a good feed :good:

  2. Looks like a magnificent job, Anne and just think of the work you won’t have to do next year :good: The shape is still lovely :good:

  3. Beanstew says:

    I’m sure this treatment will revitalise the rose, Anne. Such a pity the same kind of treatment cannot work for us. Getting arms lopped off would be very painful – but infinitely worth it if we could sprout young firm arms in their place…..

  4. gertie says:

    A sober thought Sheila, and makes me wonder anew at the tenacity and wonder of the plant world. :rose:

  5. It will look beautiful next year and you will be able to appreciate all the blooms. :good:

  6. gertie says:

    Ah thanks Lynn :love: that’s also the sort of encouragement I need to prune hard :excruciating: :lol: :rose:

  7. gertie says:

    Message for Techie :-) … This afternoon I collected a bucket of sheep poo, much to the interest of the sheep who thought the bucket was for food I think :-) and I top-dressed around a quickly weeded area at the base of the pruned rose. I then covered with more wood chippings and watered it well. So thank you for your advice Cilla :love: :rose:

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