Meet Paris.

Meet Paris.

A ‘Teds on Holiday’ Tale.

Paris loved being in Switzerland, where the air was fresh and everywhere was clean and bright. One of her favourite places to sit and while away the time was on Mami’s balcony overlooking the lake, and she always sat near the same fat leaves where she could rest her head.

But there were adventures to be had in Switzerland, and places to see that Paris had never seen the like of in her life! Up in the mountains were snow-clad slopes where brave people skied. Some, less energetic, walked about in the sunshine admiring the beautiful mountain scenery.

Paris loved the panoramas of skies and snowy mountain tops.

Outside it could be wet, even in the sunshine, but inside, the views through the wide, clear windows were breathtaking, and when she wasn’t posing for a photograph, she could peer through them and look at the people in their colourful outfits chatting together or taking in the beautiful snowy scenery.

Another discovery that Paris made happened when she was [rudely, she thought! ] jammed into a dirty coffee cup, whilst her hosts went off to visit ‘007 Land’, Bobs pretending to be 007 himself! A film was born here!

One day, Paris met Giny, a bright-eyed dog that lived in Lucerne and who stared at her in amazement! It was only a year or so ago, that Giny had met other furry critters from a place called the CPPads, and she was learning not to go too near them. Giny was friendly, if a little puzzled as to why this tiny bear would not turn round to chat. After all Giny could speak French as well as Swiss German, and she could even have chatted in English too!”

Paris, having been wary of Giny, was a lot more confident though with others she met. There was Mami’s Big Brown Bear and a brainless stone statue in the Market Square who afforded her a quick doze. The best however, was a great big furry cat with bashed up ears, called Murdock.

Murdock invited Paris to curl up between his white paddy paws whilst he told her about Lucerne, and the lake, and the mountains, and the snow, and the green fields and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Around Lucerne, the Mythen Mountains were nearly always in view, but down at ground level and across green fields were other delights too. Already, Autumn had produced a colourful collection of gourds, which an inventive entrepreneur had piled decoratively onto a pink-painted cart and placed in a strategic position at a road corner, against a backdrop of the mighty Mythen Mountains.

Paris could not resist a chance for a photo, and sat on the largest pumpkin that she could find to pose. The gourds were chatty and told her to look out for more of their mates in the market: they were very friendly.

Sure enough, on one of her forays into the town market square, Paris found a whole collection of prettily packaged gourds lying on a cloth covering the ground. The friendly, chattering gourds were amusing and very excited as Autumn Festivals would soon be happening and they might find homes with happy people who could admire their pretty shapes and colours. They told Paris all about their hopes and fears as she wandered amongst them, talking and listening.

Near the end of her lovely holiday, Paris lay in a green park area, pondering on all the things she had learnt, all the things she had seen or done, and all the characters she had met during her adventure in Switzerland …..

From mighty mountains …

… to a weird, brainless head …

… from a flower-filled balcony with lake views …

….. to chatty pumpkins …..

… and a furry pussy cat called Murdock ….. Paris pondered.

When it was time to leave Switzerland, Paris wondered where she would be next. Her travel companion, Kipling Monkey, told her about a place called The Crystal Palace Pads, where many little critters lived as one big Family called The Teds.

“I’ve met some of them,” said Kipling, “And they are a friendly bunch; some of them have been to Switzerland and some to France too!”

Together Kipling Monkey and Paris set off for London where Kipling lived with Maria. It was a long, tedious journey homeward through the Channel Tunnel.


On a rainy day in Crystal Palace, where Peter and Paul Raindrops rippled down the windows of the Glassroom, a group of Teds sat, some perched on logs, on a window sill chatting to each other.

Some were admiring a long, green runner bean from Gertie’s Garden, but look closely and you will see Paris sitting next to Tiger Ted and Bazooka Ted.

Bazooka had recently arrived from Normandy to join the Pads Community.

Paris immediately found a soul mate in Bazooka and they could chatter together in French all day long, but …

… “Remember that you are in England now, and a member of the Teds family at the Crystal Palace Pads, so you need to learn to speak English too, as it’s the lingua franca here at the Pads … we will all help you, ” said Tiger Ted, who had also come from France some years before, and who understood the complexities of the Ted Family quite well.

Paris was grateful for Tiger’s help and advice.

Paris was settling very happily at the Pads. She liked being part of the big Ted Family and had taken to teaching some of the others a little of the French language too :-)

Paris did not forget her travels in Switzerland however, and as she mused on her Swiss adventures she remembered mostly the silvery snow-clad tips of the mountains and the cloud-patterned blue skies above them and smiled.


Anne, with mostly, pictures from her Swiss friend, Maria [who gave her permission to mess about with them.]

September 2017.

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  1. Love the pictures of the mountains and the pumpkins, they all looked so good to eat. I hope Paris is settling into CP ok, a well travelled little bear already :good: I hope you will get these stories read by writer type peops, I’m sure they will do well :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    Girding m’ loins to look into it Lynn, tho’ not at all sure how to start or where to go :lol: I was bowled over by the pink pumpkin cart too,; isn’t it great :lol: :rose:

  3. Beanstew says:

    Trying to gnash my teeth as quietly as possible Anne, but the indignity of encountering a little stuffed bear which has a much more interesting life than me, is almost more than flesh can bear. Loved the photographs, especially the ones of gourds.

    • gertie says:

      Teehee :giggle: the perks of having a lovely Swiss friend Sheila :lol: Her photos are good aren’t they :good: and somehow those little teddy bears always end up living at the Pads…it’s a very International community :walt: :dance: :lol: :rose:
      Love your eloquent exaggerations Sheila :lol: :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Your teds really are spoiled Anne. What a lovely holiday and great photos from your friend. We clickers do see some lovely places from our armchairs don’t we? :-)

  5. gertie says:

    :lol: Indeed we do :lol: I have been ‘home’ with her in the past Cilla, and it really is a pristine place to visit. :rose:

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