Teds Go To Montpellier ….. Day One, Arrival.

Teds Go To Montpellier

Day One, Arrival.

Cloudy elephants danced across the sky as a small group of hopefuls said au-revoir …. Sadly, there was not enough room in Anne’s case to take them … and the elephants were changing into tortoises!

Eventually, however, a small group of dishevelled furry bods found themselves in Montpellier.

Amid muffled cries of

“Ouch! You’re squashing me!” and a roar from Tiger of

“Get your toe out of my eye!” …

… four little Teds emerged from socks where they had been stuffed for the whole journey, very miffed at having missed all the fun of flying in an aeoplane! ;-)

Not quite all was lost though: three little teddy bears, found at Gatport Airwick, and longing to leave their tray of ‘key ring’ teddies, had inveigled themselves into a small, airport bag and been taken onto the aeroplane with the other travellers.

By attaching their ‘key-ring hooks’ to the back of the seat in front, they watched through the port hole, as the plane prepared for take-off. It took a long, long time. :-(

Passing three lonely, grounded Monarch aeroplanes, and waiting for ages in a queue of waiting planes, they eventually took to the sky.

The three little teddies had long ago become sleepy and went back into their airport bag; all save one, who wanted to fly. He climbed onto the top of the seat in front, and looked down through the cabin.

From his perch he could occasionally gaze out of the window to watch the clouds passing by, and, as Montpellier Airport approached, the ground was rushing by too, with barely a tap as the pilot touched down.

The little teddy turned and whispered a Thankyou to ‘his aeroplane and crew’, then hid in Anne’s bag with his buddies, dozing as the car whizzed along the road homewards.

When they reached home, they were all welcomed with open arms, and Jonah immediately brought his own Tsumtsums and teddies to meet them. Tiger recognised some of them from his former visit, but some were newcomers. One or two were bigger cousins of the Teds back at Crystal Palace Pads.

They quickly got together to chat and pose for a group photo to welcome their visitors. The trio of new teddies from Gatport Airwick had already given their titfers to Barty, Jojo and Tilly Ted ….. Wasn’t that kind :-)

After a tasty supper, and lots of chatter and smiles, the weary teddies, calling themselves by their French name of ‘Peluches’ were serenaded to sleep by Charlie, playing at the piano. It was a perfect end to a smashing day, and a trio of excited new peluches slept very well all night long.

Anne … 04.10.2017.

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  1. Beanstew says:

    Really pleased Anne that you and Dom did not have the fag of driving yourself to visit your daughter and family. Much better to let Easyjet take the strain, and I expect the travelling Teds found it more exciting too. Have a lovely visit.

    • gertie says:

      Thank you Sheila :-) I admit I have done the drive alone, myself when I was younger, and enjoyed it, but we do get tired these days plus it’s actually vastly more pensive to drive than to fly … as for the Teds they love it ;-) all the way whatever we do it :lol: and when they get here, well you saw …… :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    Blue skies, good food, lovely companions and a ready made pianist……what more could the teds…..and you and Dom, of course, wish for. Have a lovely visit. :rose:

    • gertie says:

      Spot on Cilla, thank you :-) … tho’ should add that the pianist is off school today with a high temperature poor lad, and feeling a bit crook.so let’s hope he gets better soon :good: :rose: Am selfishly hoping that the flu jabs we are due on our return next week won’t be too late!!! :confused: :rose:

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