Teds At Play ….. Teds Go To Montpellier … Part Two …..A Ted Tale


Teds At Play

Teds Go To Montpellier … Part Two

A Ted Tale

Some of the Teds went for a family holiday in the South of France, during the season of the Harvest Moon. They travelled all tucked up in socks … yes, socks! … so they saw nothing of the sky and the clouds and when they eventually arrived at their destination, they were very disorientated! Two of them had been standing on the tops of the others as well, and given them squashy heads.

It wasn’t long before they met teddies of the house, who all lined up to say, “Bonjour!”

Then, imagine their surprise when three more teddies appeared, and told them all about the flight to France!

“We were born in Switzerland “, said one, “But we wanted to live in England so we flew to Gatport Airwick and found a place there to wait until someone bought us and took us home. We have come to join you, and we have hats to share!” they added.

Naturally, our Teds were delighted at the prospect of taking new friends back home with them to the Crystal Palace Pads where they lived, and they could first share a holiday with them in France!

Before long the visitors were mingling with their hosts, saying Hallo and introducing each other.

“Smile for the camera!” said Jonah, as he helped the teddies to arrange themselves.

The hats were already being shared. Tilly Ted and Barty Ted each wore one; Jojo had one too, and all the teddies smiled for the camera :-)

They had a restful evening filled with good food and musical piano-playing until it was time for bed.

The following day dawned bright and sunny. Their ‘welcoming committee’ had stayed in bed, so the Teds and their new ‘plane buddies’ explored.

Jonah drew a picture for them …..

Out in the garden they found Mediterranean fruit and played in the trees.

Tiger then found himself stuck in a pot and had to be rescued!

Indoors they inspected the fruit from the garden and a Potimarron they had purchased from a local shop. Tiger said that they had made their own mini Harvest Festival.

On Saturday Tiger and Barty went to watch Harry play rugby football. They passed prettily decorated bridges on the way.

After the game, and whilst their pal Harry was showering and dressing to drive them home, the two Teds enjoyed themselves messing about in Autumn leaves that had fallen from the flaky multi-coloured Plane trees near to the pitch. The Teds were very well camouflaged and could hardly be seen!

They next climbed the pretty trees, and found holes in which they took turns to hide.

Tiger and Barty did wonder if the trees would talk to them, but although they listened hard, they could hear little but the chatter of rugby spectators and soft sighing of a gentle breeze above and rustling crunchy footsteps below as leaves drifted goldenly down to the dry earth.

These trees were really beautiful at this time of year, thought Tiger, smiling with pleasure.

No doubt energised by a strenuous game of rugby, Harry drove the Teds home.

En route they drove past a travelling Olive Tree, too old and venerable to go seed itself.

Back at home Barty made for the snooker table on the landing upstairs. How could he join in?

He tried sitting on the snooker balls themselves, but he was just getting in the way, and yes, you are correct, in danger of being poked by a snooker cue!

At the supper table he found a rather nice ‘red’ and in guzzling rather than sipping it, he made himself a bit tipsy … disgraceful behaviour! … silly Barty! …..

… and get off those tomatoes Barty! They are not snooker balls!

Barty Ted was having a super time in Montpellier. The following day he dragged the other Teds and teddies outside to the Ping-Pong table. Annoying Thing, and some other teddies, including a TsumTsum called Chewbacca, joined them. They kept the score when Charlie and Granny played Table Tennis, as a gritted-teeth-Granny had played the day before with Harry.

Indoors, Jonah was teaching them the cerebral art of Chess playing.

There was a lot of skilful being still and thinking when you played Chess.

By the evening some little teddy bears and other peluches, were feeling very tired, and their eyes were closing. It was time for bye-byes.

Anne ….. 09.10.2017.

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