Country Walk … Part One

Country Walk … Part One

On our last full day in Montpellier, I toddled off for a short walk into the fields around the houses where our children live. Garden plants look relatively healthy, although everywhere is very dry. This vine decorating the fencing between us and neighbours is full of colour at this time of year.

Along the road, pavement facing garden entrance bits are full of luscious colour and strange shapes and interesting ‘other’ plants, such as Barbary Figs on Cactuses, and bright yellow Pyracantha [Firethorn] berries.[?]

There’s a tall, delicate pink flower too, which I cannot identify…[help please?]

Past these attractive little garden plots, climbing plants escape over walls, and still look relatively fit and well.

The gardens behind those high walls seem richly populated with shrubs and trees, plenty of food for birds and bees, not to mention hornets and mosquitoes! but as I went on further into wilder paths I noticed how very dry everything was.


Anne, 9th October 2017.


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  1. cilla says:

    It all looks delightful Anne. I have that plant and I think it is Tulbaghia violacea or socirty garlic.

  2. Beanstew says:

    Very interested in the “Barbary Figs” on the cacti – never having seen these before. I imagine the plant must spread like mad given a chance, when all these little offshoots drop to the ground and root……A welcome spot of colour on a grey Scottish morning, thank you Anne.

  3. gertie says:

    I didn’t realise that they were this Sheila. I thought I had heard that they were edible and asked, thus the name and then the advice, “Don’t eat them off the cacti, because they have nasty, fine prickles: buy them at the shop” …. Well, I had seen them for sale, and wish now I had bought some….I love ordinary figs :good:
    It’s pretty grey here too Sheila, if that is anything like shared comfort . :-) Shall write my countryside blog and immerse myself in the pictures on my return from the flu jab, :good: :rose:

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