Country walk … Part two.

Country walk … Part two.

It was a beautiful afternoon, but oh so dry! The wild almond trees were full of nuts ready for the taking.

I passed familiar old gates, still just about standing!

I don’t know what this tree is, but again, it’s so dry!

Glancing back the sun is unfettered by clouds.

Going forward, even the wild olives are wizened on trees by the pathway.

Last time I came along this way there were Spring flowers. This time i found a wealth of dried blooms and beautiful technicoloured berries … no idea what they are … maybe someone can put me straight? These little wildernesses are the result of once tilled fields and orchards, country gardens that have reverted to the wild, with bird-sown blooms here and there, and plenty for them to feast on. A few people still have houses, small holdings, country places tucked away behind wire fencing and overgrown tall grasses and fluffy vines. They are often hidden along at the end of tiny man-trodden lanes. I imagine the folks not to be wealthy in the money sense, but how wealthy to live surrounded by all this fecund beauty!

The encroachment of new housing areas is possibly a blessing in that it keeps the area alive with relatively nearby shops for food they don’t grow themselves … who knows? ….. I walk on upwards.

It feels and looks good here to my eyes, even though so dry at present.

After pondering on the berry-filled plateau I turned to re-descend the path.

Back down to earth and chasing butterflies.


Anne ….. 9th October, 2017


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  1. Very interesting plants, Anne and I love the butterfly – is it a type of fritillary?. When I was in Libya I saw almond trees – beautiful!

  2. gertie says:

    Love that walk Jane :love: Not sure about the butterfly :confused: it seemed too small for any fritillary that I have ever seen and I wondered if it were some kind of day moth, flitting, as it did, from low place to other low place! :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Okay, fairly sure on investigation that it’s a Wall butterfly, Lassiommata megera Jane …..

  4. Allan says:

    Love almonds,After chestnuts they are the best, Nice lot of pics.

  5. gertie says:

    :lol: Thanks Allan … Sadie says they are nice to grind up and use in cakes and biscuits…there were loads for the taking :good:

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