It’s Coming! ….. A Ted Tale.

It’s Coming!

A Ted Tale.

The sky was a heavy shade of orange. Molasses and Amethyst sat at a window and stared out into the orange gloom.

Robinson and his new pal, Didymus, went down to Gertie’s Garden to look. Everything was bathed in an eerie orange glow. It was as if the sky were welcoming Autumn colours like the leaves of the flowers and trees.

“Let’s look up the road and see what it’s like outside the garden,” said Robinson, as they sat, buffeted by the stiffening breeze blowing through the branches of the little, blue fir tree. So they went to Dom’s car and sat on the roof, looking at the orangey-pink clouds at the top of the road.

The two friends continued on a walk and everywhere was heavy in an orangey dull glow as if something ominous were about to burst upon them.

From the top of the hill they looked across at a distant view cloaked in mist.

It was all rather strange, and they decided to go back home where Molasses and Amethyst were sitting cosily in front of the computer screen, watching a bear fishing somewhere, under a comfortably blue sky.

Outside it was still orange for many hours, but they stayed indoors, chatting together and wondering about the strange day.

Gradually the afternoon turned to evening, and some sort of normality, but the Teds began thinking about what was coming next ….. after all, Hallowe’en was on its way.

They decided to visit the Witch Teds ….. but that’s another story.

Anne ….. 17.10.2017.


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  1. cilla says:

    It was indeed spooky and I think those wandering critters need microchipping in case they get lost ;-) . I am continually surprised at the amount of greenery there is around London ….what is the area you can see from the top of the hill? Did your birds fall silent?

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: Teehee … they do get about!
    The area from the top is somewhere over Beckenham/Bromley way We think.
    We have many parks around here and there is the Nature Park less than a mile away that used to be a sewage farm.
    It was very still and quiet too :good: but the noisy Ring-necked Parakeets were noticeable again this afternoon as we took a walk through some woods on our route home from Sainsbury shopping. :eyeroll: :rose:

  3. Imagine how people in ‘olden’ times felt when they didn’t understand what nature was up to!!

  4. gertie says:

    :good: Quite so Jane :-) Thank you :good: :rose:

  5. shedsue says:

    Captured that “strange” day well Anne, your fab photos looked liked they had a filter on :good: …It was eerie, the sun was red and the birds stopped singing…when I got home from work my eyes were sore too

  6. gertie says:

    Thanks Susie, no filter, but I had to capture it, and of course it’s ideal fodder for my Ted Tales :lol: .they are coming in hoards at the moment … quite difficult to keep up :confused:
    Re the quiet birds, yes, others noticed too, and in contrast yesterday’s walk had noisy squirrels, squawking ring-necked parakeets and vociferous Blackbirds too! :lol: :rose:

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