It’s Coming, Part two ….. Pumpkin

It’s Coming, Part two.


A Ted Tale.

After the strange experience of the eerie orange sky, there was much chattering in the Teds’ Pads Garden, and not a little fearful excitement.

Robinson and Didymus felt unsettled after being out under that sky. From snatches of conversation overheard from passersby, they were clearly not the only bods who were wary of it. Should they warn their Ted friends?

They decided to go around the Pads talking to the Teds, to try to describe how it had left them feeling. Maybe the others could explain their unease.

Anxious furry critters looked and listened intently to them both.

Molasses and Amethyst had dismissed the eeriness at first, having consoled themselves with blue skies elsewhere in the world by watching bears fishing in Rapids in Alaska, under a canopy of blue on a live computer feed screen … if it were still blue sky somewhere in the World, all was well, wasn’t it?

They listened to Didymus and Robinson. Clearly the two were spooked but Molasses tried to calm their fears. “It was just a horrid weather day!” he said: but Didymus still secretly wondered, “Was the sky an omen?” he thought.


The Pads Garden was very busy. All Summer long Teds had been popping down for picnics, celebrations and evening sing-songs; it had been lovely there.

Now it was Autumn, and Foxley and Hedgeley were starting to clear spaces ready for next year’s planting. They had but a few small plots this year in which they had grown two beautiful Pumpkins.

One afternoon, it was the day after the strange orange sky, the main Pads Gardeners, Foxley, Hedgeley and Green Man, were preparing to clear away Autumn leaves which at the moment were dancing around, providing colourful fun for several Teds who were rolling around in them!

Knitwitch came into the chaotic garden: she spoke to Foxley and Hedgeley.

“You need to clear this space as soon as possible!” she said very mysteriously.

Knitwitch summoned her Besom to her, then with a single wave of it, she banished the capricious leaves from the garden ….. but look! …..

… Where. seconds before, leaves had been dancing, there now shuffled three bright Pumpkin-Peops who chorused, “Hello!” and then looked about them. As Green Man tended his growing Pumpkin, Knitwitch went over to talk to Foxley. Hedgeley sat on the grass nearby and listened.

What Knitwitch said next astonished the two Teds.

“You must clear the garden tonight. I will ask the other witches to move the Gazebo out of the way and make a big space!” … move the whole Gazebo?

Without more ado, three little witches came to the Gazebo.

Knitwitch raised her Besom again …..

Whoosh! In a flash of bright light, and with the help of Spiderman, they were, in no time at all, on a flat rooftop overlooking the Pads Garden. Just a single flower was all that now lay on the paving below.

Knitwitch had a quiet word with the three Pumpkin-Peops.

They listened attentively, then, when everyone else was fast asleep, they saved the tiny flower and moved one of the Pumpkins to the middle of the tiled space.

After that they sat down again in the dark grass with the three little Witches. Teds were sleeping. In their dreams, they thought of the lovely pumpkins and all the delicious soups they would have to eat in the coming Winter. Little Pumpkin-Peops kept watch.

On the following morning Teds could scarcely believe their eyes! … Wow!

News of the magical event travelled fast and Robinson and Didymus went to the Pads Garden, closely followed by Molasses and Amethyst.

They were astonished at the Huge Pumpkin. Robinson climbed atop it and patted a rather puzzled green caterpillar whose ‘meal’ had grown to gigantic proportions overnight!

“I knew there was something spooky about that sky!” muttered Didymus. “!t must have been a portent of magic. I wonder if anything else will happen?”

Chef, Cossette and Sous-chef, Aimée bustled to the Pads Garden when they heard about the Pumpkin. They stared in amazement.

“That will make a lot of soup!” exclaimed Aimée!

“Not yet!” said the Pumpkin.


Anne ….. October 2017.


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